MapJam June 2019

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MapJam June 2019 was an SDG-sponsored competition for Unturned (version 3). It was hosted by AnimaticFreak, and the competition's theme was to create an arena map.


MapJam staff[edit]

  • AnimaticFreak
  • Danaby2
  • Noobyfish
  • SirAdy
  • Lusod

It was planned for SomebodyOnEarth to be a judge for the event, but was unavailable during the event. In his place, AnimaticFreak acted as a judge instead.


  • Map size must be either 512 m2 or 1024 m2
  • Maps are judged on custom content, object variation, unique concepts, and solid gameplay design
  • Content that is not created by the submitting entrants must be either official content or curated content
  • Any curated assets used must have the corresponding Workshop submission marked as a dependency for the map
  • Entrants are restricted to teams of no more than three people

Prize pool[edit]

Depending on the number of entrants, anywhere from three to nine rewards for placements were planned to be given out. The rewards consisted of gold, silver, or bronze trophy skins depending on the placement.


Botana Facilities
Botana Facilities icon.png
Renaxon Phyyrin Vilespring
Freighter icon.png
Froggo Azz Spebby
Land of the Unknown
Pirate Cove
Pirate Cove icon.png
Mikeyy Justin_ Maikee Maous
Simulation 4A722
Simulation 4A722 icon.png
agent320 Mr.Tiger potoflaughs123


Botana Facilities was the grand winner, and received first place. Although the judges believe that the map's design was "bland and boring", they found the unique content and the map's layout to be greatly executed. Renaxon's Golden Sportshot, Vilespring's Golden Sportshot, and Phyyrin's Golden Zubeknakov were distributed between the team members.

Freighter was the first runner-up, and received second place. The judges described it as a "visually pleasing map" that was flawed in its layout. Froggo's Silver Paddle, Spebby's Silver Fusilaut, and Nolan's Silver Empire were distributed between the team members.

Pirate Cove was the second runner-up, and received third place. The judges found the concept to be interesting, but the execution to be mediocre. Justin_'s Bronze Hawkhound, Mikeyy's Bronze Hell's Fury, and Maikee Maous' Bronze Hawkhound were distributed between the team members.

Other entries did not receive placements, and as such did not receive any sort of reward from the prize pool. However, the host, AnimaticFreak, received the Animatic's Golden Zubeknakov skin.