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P9nda eSports June 2019 was an SDG-sponsored tournament for Unturned (version 3). It was hosted by P9nda, and took place through the months of May and June.


Game staff[edit]

  • Flagicon Germany.png P9nda


  • The tournament has an NA division and EU division
  • Participants must have 700 game hours
  • Participants must be a part of the "Unturned Esports" Steam group
  • Points are awarded as thus:
    • 1 kill → 2 points
    • Top 15 → 1 point
    • Top 10 → 2 points
    • Top 5 → 3 points
    • Won round → 5 points


  • There are three weeks of qualifiers
  • Players are put into groups of upwards to thirty people
  • Players play four rounds with their group
  • Each week of qualifiers ends with the top thirty partaking in a semi-finale for that division


  • Semi-finalists compete against each other for a varied number of rounds depending on the group sizes
  • The top thirty semi-finalists between the two divisions will qualify for finals


  • Finalists compete against each other as one group, without regard to division
  • The first five rounds take place on a European server
  • The second five rounds take place on a North American server
  • The 1st–9th placements receive rewards

Prize pool[edit]

Place Prize Contestant
1st Skull's Golden Crossbow Flagicon Denmark.png Carnage Skull
2nd Ronan's Golden Maplestrike Flagicon Poland.png ApriX Ronan
3rd captain_king's Golden Matamorez Flagicon Norway.png captain_king
4th Pablo824's Silver Heartbreaker Flagicon Bulgaria.png Nordic Pablo824
5th Jabby's Silver Maplestrike Flagicon United Kingdom.png Metrix Jabby
6th Yato's Silver Nightraider Flagicon Poland.png Gspd Yato
7th Muminek's Bronze Augewehr Flagicon Poland.png ApriX Muminek
8th Skr1ng's Bronze Zubeknakov Flagicon Republic of China.png Skr1ng
9th Asterio8's Bronze Maplestrike Flagicon Spain.png LC Asterio8

Qualifying participants[edit]

EU Division

  • Flagicon Denmark.png Carnage Skull
  • Flagicon Republic of China.png Skr1ng
  • Flagicon Poland.png Gspd Yato
  • Flagicon Russia.png KIRyA
  • Flagicon United Kingdom.png Nordic Engine
  • Flagicon Poland.png Barti
  • Flagicon Spain.png LC Asterio8
  • Flagicon Russia.png Last
  • Flagicon Russia.png AfterTime KEDR
  • Flagicon Poland.png GspD nah
  • Flagicon Russia.png AfterTime ZiGas
  • Flagicon Poland.png Ronan
  • Flagicon United Kingdom.png Metrix Jabby
  • Flagicon Israel.png Aviel
  • Flagicon Lithuania.png ữىىᖇᖇ尺||L|ŢαĐℒ Ќ
  • Flagicon Spain.png LC More
  • Flagicon Portugal.png moker
  • Flagicon South Korea.png vava
  • Flagicon Poland.png GspD ziro
  • Flagicon Switzerland.png Hash SHETEEH
  • Flagicon Russia.png AfterTime master
  • Flagicon Czech Republic.png Metrix vinniee
  • Flagicon Romania.png Dark Panda
  • Flagicon Russia.png AfterTime yonce
  • Flagicon Russia.png AsrielDreemurr
  • Flagicon Greece.png BB Nuc
  • Flagicon Finland.png Hash Fuzzy
  • Flagicon Hungary.png SteveTheRealOne
  • Flagicon Germany.png Metrix Metatron
  • Flagicon Undefined.png Mannie
  • Flagicon Finland.png Olterman
  • Flagicon United States.png Zype
  • Flagicon Romania.png NOT Meme MachineV2.1
  • Flagicon Canada.png Squirtle
  • Flagicon Serbia.png VG Miky


Week 2 semifinals[edit]

European Division
Place Contestant Points
#1 Flagicon Poland.png GspD nah 101
#2 Flagicon Norway.png Agony 62
#3 Flagicon Greece.png BB Nuc 56
#4 Flagicon Finland.png Hash Fuzzy 53
#5 Flagicon Bulgaria.png Nordic Pablo824 50
#6 Flagicon Poland.png GspD Meco 47
#7 Flagicon Poland.png Ronan 43
#8 Flagicon Portugal.png BB Smoker 40
#9 Flagicon Poland.png GspD ziro 38
#10 Flagicon South Korea.png vava 36
#11 Flagicon Lithuania.png USSR TaD1K 36
#12 Flagicon Norway.png Hash BioAdrian 35
#13 Flagicon Russia.png LostAndLonely 32
#14 Flagicon United Kingdom.png Metrix Jabby 25
#15 Flagicon Spain.png Wanted 24
#16 Flagicon Jordan.png JDR SaltyFoka 21
#17 Flagicon Algeria.png Sio 15
#18 Flagicon Norway.png ApriX Didlex 14
#19 Flagicon Palestine.png Sigma 14
#20 Flagicon Russia.png AfterTime KEDR 12
#21 Flagicon Norway.png captain_king 11
#22 Flagicon Germany.png Metrix Metatron 10
#23 Flagicon Germany.png WildWolf 8
#24 Flagicon Undefined.png Tsuyu 8
#25 Flagicon Finland.png Olterman 7
#26 Flagicon United Kingdom.png ApriX DotRover 1
#27 Flagicon Kosovo.png Bane 0
#28 Flagicon Malta.png chips savage_ark 0
#29 Flagicon France.png kujiop 0