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This page is a record of upcoming features teased, mentioned, or confirmed by Smartly Dressed Games and associates for Unturned II. As these features have not been released yet, many details may simply be conjecture based on comments and images. All features are cited, but this information is subject to change or removal as the game progresses.

Some features are marked a specific color to represent their current status.

  • Features tagged as an [Upcoming addition] are completed and expected in the next build of the game.
  • Features tagged as [In development] are currently incomplete but confirmed to be in development, and will most likely appear in the next build.
  • Features tagged as a [Confirmed feature] are confirmed to be in development, but do not have a projected release date and are unlikely or unconfirmed to appear in the next build.

Planned additions[edit]


  • Possibly be able to play as an animal when joining a server.[1]
  • Aquatic sea life.[2]
  • Animals killed by more powerful weapons yield less meat. Hunted animals must be skinned and gutted.[3]
  • Mountable animals like horses.[4][5]

Base building[edit]

  • More intricate building systems that could possibly accommodate more modular and freeform trap systems. Energy sources, switches, and machinery can be wired together. This system will be designed more flexibly than Unturned (version 3)'s more rigid system.[6]
  • Various doors and locks.[7]
    • A battering ram for knocking down doors.[7]
  • Pipes for fuel, and conveyor belts for items. Sentry guns should be able to be automatically loaded.[8][9]
  • One master building tool rather than individual tedious placeable items.[10]
  • Item storage.[9]
  • Mounted turrets.[5]
  • Beds and furniture, which can be laid upon.[5]


  • [In development] Different clothing items giving you different statistical attribute boosts beyond just armor multipliers.[11]
  • Armor slots for armor plating attachments. These armor plates will have durability, and allow for further decreasing the amount of damage able to be blocked rather than being only necessitated in order for armor to function.[12]
  • [Upcoming addition] Physics on clothes.[13]
  • Wet and dry states for clothing, and possibly items.[2]
  • [Upcoming addition] Clothing have various pattern and color states, such as a military camouflage pattern.[14][15]
  • [Upcoming addition] A MOLLE Rucksack with buckles and pins, Belt, Watch, Regular Glasses, Fingerless Gloves, Baseball Cap, Balaclava, Dogtags, Hoodie, Jeans, Tee, Sneakers, Quiver, and Ballistic Vest.[15]


  • Different crosshairs for different weapon types, such as a circular crosshair for shotguns.[16]
  • [Upcoming addition] Shotgun shells landing on grass make a different sound than bullet casings.[17]
  • Decals for impacts on different surface types.[18]
  • [Confirmed feature] Single-handed items can be dual-wielded at a penalty. Different modes should be available depending on the type of items being held.[19][20][21]
  • Pain flashes and first-person flinching after taking damage.[22]
  • Infrared scopes and goggles.[23]
  • Bullets heading in the direction of a player's head that instead hit limbs should count as headshots. Headshots may be able to knock helmets off in some cases, especially for Turned. Players could potentially be downed due to being headshot, and will bleed out unless they are revived.[24]
  • Gun butt melee attack, and melee attacks will be volume-based rather than ray traced. Blocking with melee weapons is also planned.[25]
  • [Upcoming addition] A STANAG Suppressor, Tactical Laser, Angled Foregrip, and STANAG Magazine.[26]
  • Makeshift gun stocks.[27]
  • Ghillie wraps.[28]
  • [Upcoming addition] Attachments provide various bonuses to the ranged weapon they are attached to. Character stats can be manipulated by attachments on a weapon.[29]


  • Tiered ammunition with different behavior against armor and surfaces. There could be crafted 5.56 mm bullets, military-grade 5.56 mm bullets, and full metal jacket (FMJ) 5.56 mm bullets with poor, decent, and high armor penetration respectively. 5.56 mm tracer ammunition can be used to alert the player when they are almost out of bullets.[1][12][27][28]
  • [Upcoming addition] Manually choosing the order of bullets in a magazine.[1][28]
  • A choice over how the player reloads, with a shorter reload by throwing away the magazine and a longer reload by putting it back in the player's inventory.[30]
  • [Upcoming addition] Proper bullet ballistics.[31][32]
  • Reloading using items in vest slots.[33]
  • [Confirmed feature] A new user interface for shotgun ammo.[34]
  • [Upcoming addition] 5.56mm Bullets will be a type of ammunition, and can be stored in the 5.56mm Military Ammo Crate. Ammo crates function as nested storage for ammunition, and can also also be dropped onto a magazine to refill the magazine. Players can choose to hold loose ammo in their inventory without the need of an ammo box.[35][28]


  • [Upcoming addition] Gun fire mode switch visuals.[13]
  • [Upcoming addition] A gun named the Eaglefire, based on the M4A1. The Eaglefire is split into multiple parts, being: the receiver, stock, handguard, and barrel. It also comes attached with the Eaglefire Front Sight and Eaglefire Rear Sight, with the former attached to the handguard and the latter attached to the receiver.[16][36][37]
  • [Upcoming addition] Guns (and other items) are rigged with armatures for animation.[16][28]
  • Increase gun rarity by splitting up parts.[38]
  • Different receiver models for different tiers, with various firing modes, rates of fire, etc.[38][39]
    • Semi-automatic Eaglefire variant.[38]
    • A rarer Eaglefire receiver with an automatic fire mode.[39]
  • Some gun parts can potentially require maintenance.[38]
  • Adjustable variable zoom, and magnifiers that can be toggled on or off.[40]
  • Zeroing scopes, and realistic scope indicators that use primitive line drawing rather than images to ensure pixel accuracy for reticles.[41]
  • In general guns will be larger in inventory size, some storage will be smaller in space and some bags bigger, and some storages will be for exclusive item types (like handguns for a pistol holster, or arrows for a quiver).[42]
  • [Upcoming addition] Unique recoil patterns with an additional but slight randomized element on top. Recoil recovery, bullet spread, and bullet recovery affect the recoil pattern. Visual recoil occurs while firing, and the crosshair is scaled appropriately.[43]
  • [Upcoming addition] A gun based on Glock pistols, called the Cobra.[21]
  • Muzzle smoke trails.[44]
  • [Confirmed feature] A shotgun.[34]
  • [Upcoming addition] Three-dimensional muzzle flash.[45]
  • [Upcoming addition] Single, burst, and automatic fire modes that can be toggled between via a hotkey, with an animated fire selector lever.[46][28]
  • [Upcoming addition] A "click" sound when out of ammo.[47]
  • Possibly allow adjusting scope zoom via a mouse wheel.[48]
  • [Upcoming addition] Player stance for when a held ranged weapon is toggled to safety.[49]
  • [Upcoming addition] Holographic sights have various reticle and color states.[50]


  • A purchasable premium pass to join official servers. Ideally, it would be a permanent one-time purchase and not a reoccurring subscription.[51][52][53]
  • [Confirmed feature] Not dependent on Steam, instead only using it for matchmaking and gaining authentication into official servers.[54]
    • [In development] Engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.19.[55]
  • There might be Steam Economy integration, but if it was implemented it would be more carefully redesigned in comparison to Unturned (version 3). Cosmetics and skins are not planned, however.[56][28]
  • BattlEye integration.[57][58]
  • More inclusive betas in the future. There may be a closed beta open to Permanent Gold Upgrade DLC holders, and those who purchase the DLC after will not receive access.[59][60][28]
  • [Confirmed feature] Players load mods at start-up.[63]
  • Support for Steam Rich Presence.[64]
  • [Confirmed feature] Support for the Steam Server Browser.[65]
  • Support for Steam Screenshots.[66]
  • [Confirmed feature] Lobby with other players from any menu via Steam, and alert other players when a member is leaving the game.[67]
  • Complex automated tests[68]
  • [Upcoming addition] UE4 and SDG splash screens.[69]
  • A game trailer video, in the far future, made using the spectator features.[28]
  • Potentially have weekly updates.[28]
  • [Upcoming addition] Season-specific shaders should only run in the season they are relevant to.[62][17]
  • The continuation of fine-grain texture detail on surfaces, which was stopped as Epic Games has decided to discontinue support for material layering past Unreal Engine 4.19. Spare channels will be experimented with instead, such as for per-branch deformation of bushes.[62]
  • [Confirmed feature] The game will also be available on Mac, when Nelson has a Mac strong enough to compile the game for that operating system.[70]
  • [Upcoming addition] Redesigning item definitions around actors, and moving item behaviors into components.[62][17]


  • [Confirmed feature] Replays saves for client and for dedicated servers. They can be viewed through a replay browser and replay viewer. Replays can be uploaded to the Steam Workshop.[71]

Save data[edit]

  • [Confirmed feature] Save slots for listen servers and single-player. Data can be saved to disk, or saved to an external endpoint. Timed auto-saves can occur.[72]
  • [Confirmed feature] Different game modes should save different things, and saving should be non-intrusive and ideally asynchronous.[72]


  • Machinery and devices for crafting, and a crafting queue.[73]
  • A more in-depth crafting system.[28]


  • More visually dynamic water. Splashes result from physics objects, and wake from moving objects. Edge foam appears across the shoreline, and the shoreline has a wetness to it.[2]
  • Maps with specific areas that are specific biomes.[5]

Day-night cycle[edit]

  • A day-night cycle, with the level of darkness at night based on the moon cycle. There should possibly be a small range of visibility without a light source[74][75]
  • Players can sleep through the night if everyone is in a bed.[74]


  • Bandits, which can take cover.[76][77][9][78]
  • Friendly NPCs that will follow daily routines. They have dialogue when interacted with, and can provide services or give quests. Most of the game's story will likely be told through interactions with NPCs.[79][80]


  • Scavenging for dirty water from props in bathrooms.[81]
  • Destructible props.[81]
  • Garage bay names match the available vehicle types.[81]
  • [Upcoming addition] Props can store and spawn with items.[82]
  • [In development] All buildings spawn with doors.[7][28]
  • The automatic placement of roof details (like vents and the window frames).[83]
  • More detail on eavestroughs.[83]
  • [Upcoming addition] Chain link fences, a fire station, and bathroom props.[84][81]
  • [Upcoming addition] Road materials include sidewalk cracks, exposed sidewalk ends, and general cracked road breakup.[85]
  • [Confirmed feature] Some roads and street signs will be named after various likable community members.[81]


  • Seasons will affect gameplay, and have different degrees of weather in each season. Temperature may be dependent on weather effects rather than an otherwise arbitrary temperature value. Maps will automatically change into their event form (such as for Halloween or Christmas) rather than be an entirely separate map from the original.[86][87]
  • Storm clouds, fog, raindrops, lightning storms, and various degrees of blizzard.[88][89]
  • Lightning can possibly drain the car batteries of struck vehicles.[90]
  • Puddles form, rainwater drips from surfaces, snow builds up, icicles form, and frost appears on exterior surfaces.[86][88][89]
  • Weather affects vehicle handling.[88][89]
  • Rainwater can be collected.[88]
  • Snow can be collected for snowballs, or melted down for water if not kept in a freezer.[89][5]
  • Water freezes up, but can allow for fishing holes.[89]
  • [Upcoming addition] Falling snow will fill in tire tracks over time.[5]


  • Players can travel to the alternative reality where the Turned originated through "excursions." Excursions take place in one of the very dark and overgrown frontier fortified complexes. The objective is to enter, loot, and extract as quickly as possible. The alternate reality is planned to exist in a manner similar to the Upside Down in Stranger Things.[91]
  • Unturned II will have a more coherent story than Unturned (version 3), and excursions will help fit into that backstory. Nelson's girlfriend may be assisting in developing the storyline for Unturned II.[80][28]


  • Fire will be greatly revamped compared to Unturned (version 3). Fire will require a fuel source, and objects can catch fire as it spreads across flammable surfaces. Fires can be extinguished.[92][93]
  • Players can obtain improvised Molotov cocktails, which can be thrown to spread fire.[93]

Food and water[edit]

  • Consuming food in portions.[94]
    • Game mechanics based on the different parts of human diets.[94]
  • A nutrition system, taking into account various vitamins and other nutrients. This would be a replacement for Unturned (version 3)'s food and water status bars.[95]

Game modes[edit]

  • [In development] An arcade-style "Horde" game mode, where players must defend locations against endless waves of zombies.[52][96]
  • A "Story" game mode with single-player and multiplayer support that takes advantage of game mechanics rather than linear levels, with different endings. It may potentially play similar to campaigns in Left 4 Dead.[97][80][28]
  • Support for casual community-created game modes like Deathmatch.[98]


  • Harvesting plants to create dyes for your clothes (and potentially paints too).[1]
  • Increased activity in farming compared to Unturned (version 3). There should be game mechanics that involve watering plants—such as through piping, sprinklers, or building automated watering systems.[99]

Input devices[edit]

  • [In development] DualShock 4, Xbox One controller, and Steam Controller support.[100][101][102]
    • [Confirmed feature] A virtual cursor for console controllers.[103][100]
    • [Upcoming addition] Basic aim assist for controllers.[100]
  • [Upcoming addition] Button input prompts, which react dynamically and accordingly as the player performs them.[104][105][106]
  • Settings should be stored per-profile for controllers.[107]
  • Support for Tobii, with the automatic hiding of user interface elements.[108]


  • All items should be able to make use of the new attachment system. Batteries should be able to be put into flashlights, night vision goggles should be able to be attached to helmets, and the MOLLE Rucksack could have different pouches and bags attached.[1][28]
  • Adrenaline boosts movement speed.[51][109]
  • [Upcoming addition] Items can have a combination of automatic details and manual descriptions.[110]
  • [Confirmed feature] Holstered item feature extended to show pistols in a hip holster, magazines in a chest rig, or a sleeping bag on top of a backpack.[51][111]
  • Potentially allow players to paint or rename items.[28]
  • [Upcoming addition] Ability stats can stack upon the stats or multipliers provided by other items, such as gloves.[29]
  • [Upcoming addition] Recoil, bullet spread, rate of fire, muzzle velocity, equip speed, attachment swap speed, ADS speed, and movement speed while aiming can all be modified by an item's ability stats.[112]
  • [Upcoming addition] Item spawn tables will allow for spawning items based on their specific textile or holographic sight variants, spawning a base item with various attachments equipped, and specifying the amount of ammunition to spawn in a container. Multiple items can spawn together, such as guns with magazines. Spawn tables can include other spawn tables, specific items, or "item templates." Item templates allow for specifying different item setups, such as spawning an Eaglefire with a 50% chance of a Reflex Sight in military bases. Eventually, a graph editor will be available so that all spawns can be shown on one screen, and be easier to debug or analyze.[113][114]


  • [In development] Modding tools available upon release of the beta as a download through the Epic Games Launcher, containing all of the Unturned II project files and .uassets.[51][115][116][115]
  • Mods could introduce additional patterns/sprays to stencils that allow painting vehicles.[117]
  • Support for custom story game mode campaigns.[118]
  • Support for casual community-created game modes like Deathmatch.[98]
  • [Upcoming addition] Support for Blueprints Visual Scripting, and C++.[119][115][109][120][121][122]
  • [Upcoming addition] Tools for managing and uploading mods.[123][121]
  • [Upcoming addition] A "Modding" menu as a part of the editor menus.[121]
  • [Upcoming addition] The Steam Workshop uploader as a plugin, and support for custom uploader plugins.[121]
  • [Upcoming addition] Support for Steam Workshop APIs, available in the editor rather than just in-game.[121]
  • [Upcoming addition] Recoil has a proper pattern editor tool.[124]
  • [Upcoming addition] Individually choose which pieces of logic to use for vehicles.[5]

Playable maps[edit]

  • [In development] A simple Pineridge test map, which will be available to product key holders once all assets are converted to the new Maya pipeline.[51][52][125][17]
  • Quick small test levels like a shooting range and a demo level of all the props.[52]


  • Player respawning.[13]
  • [Upcoming addition] Player ragdolls.[13][126]
  • External forces possibly having an influence on the player, such as from explosions.[127]"Preserve Crosshair While Freelooking". github.com.</ref>
  • [Upcoming addition] A left-handed character option.[128]
  • A skill system that maintains a concept of experience of leveling, but skills are attained through the player's actions.[129]
  • Possibly allow throwing any item.[130]
  • [Upcoming addition] More accurate head hitboxes.[131]
  • Blood particles drip from bleeding players.[132]
  • [Upcoming addition] The player character model will be made slightly less skinny than how it appears in the Vehicle Demo.[62]


  • Hold sprint to move faster in any stance (including swimming) at the expense of stamina and increased detection.[1]
  • Diving and surface-level swimming, with water transitions. Stamina may be required to swim.[1][2][133]
  • Climb over chest-high obstacles, pull yourself up onto ledges, and possibly grab objects while falling.[134][133]
  • Player speed is based on inventory weight, and skills.[134]
  • Speed and stance height is tied to analog axis.[135]
  • [Upcoming addition] Players can slide, and dive roll.[136][133]
  • Players can slide down ladders, and look around while climbing ladders.[133]


  • Lobbying with other players to all get into a server together.[53]
  • [Confirmed feature] Automatic server restarts, and support for rebooting on OS start-up.[137]
  • [Upcoming addition] Improved server administrator tools with remote-control support in the form of RCON Protocol and JSON HTTP API (web API). Administrative commands can be issued without joining the server. Multiple RCON keys can be assigned with different permissions, rather than one global password for the server. The web API allows the game server to receive HTTP requests, and parse them into commands that can be returned as JSON. A custom web page could show a player list with buttons to kick, ban, teleport, etc., on various web control panels.[137][106]
  • [Confirmed feature] WebSocket functionality.[137]
  • [Confirmed feature] Spectate players.[13][138][28]
  • [Confirmed feature] A proper server queue.[139]
  • [Confirmed feature] Mod information is retrieved from the server and sent to the player, showing what is currently being downloaded and allowing for cancellation. Servers download mods at start-up.[63][140]
  • [Upcoming addition] Split-screen support.[141][38][142][28]
  • [Upcoming addition] Support for offline play (solo and co-op), connecting to servers directly via the IP, and localhost.[143]
  • Official servers, with a defined vanilla experience. Official servers will not have "abusive admins," and progress can transfer to other official servers. The official servers will most likely first be available only after the closed betas.[51][52][28]
  • Servers can be hosted from in-game via plug and play (PnP).[28]
  • Players might be able to host their servers through Smartly Dressed Games in a way similar to Minecraft Realms. Benefits include things like maintenance.[28]

User interfaces[edit]

  • [Upcoming addition] An ability stats menu. Character stats are shown underneath the 3D preview. Ability stats are ordered by modifiers, base values with modifiers, and base values. [28][29][144]
    • This menu may be split between "basic" and "advanced" sections. Graphs may be used to visualize some information, such as recoil or damage drop-off.[145]
  • A user interface for trading, and possibly a consciousness status bar. Players will be able to use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the map screen.[146][147]
  • [Upcoming addition] A loading screen.[148]
  • [Upcoming addition] A chat interface that automatically goes away when not chatting.[149]
  • [Upcoming addition] A non-gun crosshair.[150]
  • [Upcoming addition] Configuration menus that include display options such as resolution and display mode, scalability options, audio options, user interface volume, field of view, setting an FPS limit, key bindings, input options, and resetting back to default. There will be an autodetect benchmark button, and options for anti-aliasing and view distance.[151][152][153]
  • [Upcoming addition] Generic radial menus accessible by holding down the input key, usable for interactables, selecting a firearm's firing mode, switching between the sight attachment being aimed down, and choosing whether to equip or just pick up an item. If the input key is only briefly tapped, then the highest priority action is performed instead.[154][155][156][157]
  • [Upcoming addition] Context actions exist picking up and taking off items. Item stacks, such as for loose ammo, can be split or merged together.[158][35][156]
  • [Upcoming addition] A death screen for when the player has died.[159]
  • [Upcoming addition] An attachment menu, accessible by holding T while holding the item.[160]
  • [Upcoming addition] Redo all the user interfaces in Slate, and wrap them in UMG.[62][161]


  • [Upcoming addition] Be able to interact with other player's inventories, dead or alive.[162][163][164]
    • Inspecting a surrendered player's inventory.[1]
  • Using the new attachment system for putting batteries into flashlights, bait onto a fishing rod hook, or fuel into a chainsaw.[38]
  • [Upcoming addition] Nested storage containers.[42][28]
  • Smaller subdivisions for storage.[33]
  • [Upcoming addition] An interface for equipping attachments from the inventory.[165]
  • [Upcoming addition] Character model preview menu in the inventory. Items can be dropped onto the character preview to equip them.[166][167][156][28][161]
  • [Upcoming addition] Close the inventory dashboard with Esc.[168][161]
  • [Upcoming addition] Attachments can change the item's size in the inventory.[169]
  • [Upcoming addition] A section of the inventory interface contains slots for the various clothing types.[170][161]

Main menu[edit]

  • [In development] Map select screen.[52][161]
  • [Confirmed feature] Steam Announcements are shown on the main menu.[171]


  • [Confirmed feature] Turned utilize a more organic design with very dark, organic mutations. Growths appear on apocalyptic buildings, which can spawn monsters.[172]
  • [Confirmed feature] Creatures attached to the ceiling, such as "ceiling-mounted grapplers."[172]
  • [Confirmed feature] Turned versions of players that have their gear.[172]


  • A way to create custom designs on vehicles from a selection of stencils when applying paints. Mods could introduce additional patterns/sprays.[117]
  • [In development] Proper animations for non-driver passengers.[4]
  • [Upcoming addition] Single-handed items can be used while driving.[4]
  • [Confirmed feature] Vehicles will require keys to be operated and locked. License plates will be removable from the vehicle.[4]
  • Vehicle can be hot-wired. Trunks can be opened. Trunk storage is visible, and players can choose to use open seats as additional storage. Car alarms should attract hostile entities.[173]
  • Stamina-powered vehicles.[133]
  • Swap out tires (such as for winter ones).[5]
  • Bicycles.[5]
  • Potentially fully-black rear windows on more fancy cars.[5]
  • Submarines, and 4×4 trucks with good suspension that are better suited for off-roading than the Hatchback.[5]
  • Buttons inside cars for enabling hazard lights, tuning the radio, or turning on interior car lights.[5]
  • Walk around the interiors of vehicles, such as for an RV.[5]
  • [Upcoming addition] Steam comes out of the exhaust in cold temperatures. Bigger trucks will have more exhaust than smaller vehicles.[5]
  • [In development] Animated control stickies for the headlights/future windshield wipers (use in heavy rain storms).[5]
  • [In development] Dual-wielding a one-handed item with the steering wheel while driving.[5]
  • [In development] Breaking car tires, and visible snow buildup in the grooves.[5]
  • [Confirmed feature] A fuel gauge visible on the interior's heads-up display, to the right of the speedometer.[5]
  • [Confirmed feature] When it is not snowing, tire tracks do not get filled back in with snow.[5]
  • Proper animations for when switching seats. Players can only switch to specific seats available to them depending on their position in the vehicle.[70]


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