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Smoke Black 261.png Smoke Blue 262.png Smoke Green 263.png Smoke Orange 264.png Smoke Purple 265.png Smoke Red 266.png Smoke White 267.png Smoke Yellow 268.png
Military grade throwable smokescreen.
Context typeUncommon Projectile
Size1 slot (1 × 1)
Fuse length180 seconds

Smokes are a throwable projectile item in Unturned (version 3). When thrown, the grenade will begin emitting smoke for three minutes. Nearby zombies and other hostile creatures will hear where the smoke lands, and will move towards the smoke. Passive creatures will be spooked when the smoke lands, and will run away.


Smokes can be found at military locations.


Name ID
Black Smoke 261
Blue Smoke 262
Green Smoke 263
Orange Smoke 264
Purple Smoke 265
Red Smoke 266
White Smoke 267
Yellow Smoke 268