February 4, 2015 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added stairs.
  • Added holes.
  • Added ramps.
  • Added ladders.
  • Added ability to rotate roofs.
  • Added ability to build outwards from roofs.
  • Added experience and planned out skill trees.


  • Improved terrain performance.
  • Improved pathfinding performance. (Might negatively impact singleplayer, let me know.)
  • Improved server zombie performance.
  • Improved server background performance.


  • Increased useful item spawnpoints on the East coast until loot is properly set up.
  • Reduced high speed steering.
  • Reduced military helmet protection.


  • Fixed server to not bother with zombie audio.
  • Fixed a few areas on the Canada map.
  • Fixed schoolhouse model flickering.
  • Fixed nodes loading on server.
  • Fixed vehicle debug showing up.