December 2, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added grip slot for attachments.
  • Added weapon spread. Once a gun has < 50% quality it begins losing accuracy up to 0.5x as much accuracy.
  • Added force loss for melees. Once a melee has < 50% quality it begins losing damage up to 0.5x as much damage.
  • Added ability to configure durability per item.


  • Improved random numbers to generate the same on server and client.
  • Improved zombies to not falsely attack as easily.


  • Disabled durability on Easy mode.


  • Fixed dying with gold suit on.
  • Fixed stamina issue after jumping on server.
  • Fixed windows and doorways falling through ground.
  • Fixed some actions that could be performed while dead.
  • Fixed vehicles spawning when loading next to existing vehicles.
  • Fixed a crash when hosting maps with no navigation, vehicles or zombies.