December 4, 2014 patch

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Patch notes

Game version is now


  • Added ability to bake resources in a local area.
  • Added rope. (ID 64)
  • Added wire. (ID 65)
  • Added cloth. (ID 66)
  • Added metal scrap. (ID 67)
  • Added metal sheet. (ID 68)
  • Added tape. (ID 69)
  • Added glue. (ID 70)
  • Added nails. (ID 71)
  • Added can. (ID 72)
  • Added explosives. (ID 73)
  • Added bricks. (ID 74)
  • Added chemicals. (ID 75)
  • Added blowtorch. (ID 76)
  • Added metal scrap drops when a vehicle explodes.
  • Added a thread for the server console.
  • Added loading bar to the loading screen.


  • Improved loading screen to not freeze as much.
  • Improved material baking.
  • Improved caliber system and renamed all ammunition items.
  • Improved foundation model to stick less through stuff below it and seam better with floors underneat it.


  • Decreased capacity of ammunition boxes.
  • Disabled deleting Devtest map.
  • Disabled ability to build structures onto existing buildings.
  • Increased physical item vertical offset to help some collision issues.
  • Disabled ability to create insane size maps for now because they're too insane.


  • Fixed resources generating inside player spawns.
  • Fixed large brush draw distance in the editor.
  • Fixed loading the editor brush size.
  • Fixed repairing an item while having that item equipped.
  • Fixed taking off grips.
  • Fixed some items that had non-standard levels of detail.
  • Fixed the sun impacting the color of inventory icons.
  • Fixed receiver calls length error.
  • Fixed crafting while using an item.
  • Fixed an ammo bug when equipping guns.
  • Fixed server console saying player ran themself over.
  • Fixed (potentially) an issue with vehicle/explosion hit detection.
  • Fixed buildable window and doorway barricade width.