December 11, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added tactical laser. (ID 151)
  • Added tactical light. (ID 152)
  • Added 7x scope. (ID 153)
  • Added systems to support flashlights, lasers, other items like that.
  • Added new filters to the in-game server list.
  • Added server security mode info.
  • Added max distance to player group tag.
  • Added auto-movement from backpack to primary/secondary slot when picking up a weapon.
  • Added auto-equip to useables when picking up items without anything selected.
  • Added auto-wear to clothing when not wearing an item of that type.
  • Added red dot to halo sight.
  • Added accuracy improvement to scopes.*


  • Improved in-game server list performance.


  • Disabled barrel hooks on some guns.


  • Fixed in-game server list showing servers outside the valid player range.
  • Fixed inventory losing track of current equipment.
  • Fixed collision existing on viewmodel.
  • Fixed a shotgun firing bug.