December 10, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added bipod. (ID 143)
  • Added ranger suppressor. (ID 144)
  • Added horizontal grip. (ID 145)
  • Added red dot sight. (ID 146)
  • Added red halo sight. (ID 147)
  • Added red chevron scope. (ID 148)
  • Added military barrel. (ID 149)
  • Added military muzzle. (ID 150)
  • Added support for all attachments to affect things like spread, recoil and damage.
  • Added support for multi-caliber attachments, for example military silencer works on dragonfang.


  • Improved performance of initial inventory syncing significantly.
  • Improved appearance of red dot scope.


  • Increased zoom of red dot scope.
  • Decreased hunger/thirst rate slightly.
  • Reduced damage when using a silencer.


  • Fixed long range butterfly knife coloring.
  • Fixed some formatting issues with item amount.
  • Fixed fall damage with broken legs.
  • Fixed blocking objects such as hedges not being selectable in the editor.
  • Fixed networking being extra broken.