January 8, 2021 patch

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Small update to fix two exploits reported over the past week.


  • Use dragged item rotation when swapping items. Previously only items that fit directly in the other item's spot could be swapped.
  • Increased trophy case storage height from 2 to 3. Allows the Hell's Fury to be displayed.
  • Precision charges can be converted into regular charges.
  • Increased maximum number of concurrent sounds from 32 to 64. Helpful for guns with high fire rate.
  • Prioritize local player's gunshot audio over other guns.


  • uGUI components are pooled now rather than the wrapper classes which should prevent old owners from modifying them, and make it easier to catch any remaining cases.
  • Map properly defaults to fully zoomed out again.
  • Client unable to connect to servers using system net transport.


  • Include per-level Config.json in file integrity test. Several editor settings like the option to disable global water intended for levels using water volumes were being exploited.
  • Fixed potential exploit opening feedback, song, and plugin links with overlay disabled.
  • Fixed small gap in Germany cave near the seed vault.