December 15, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added several new zombie animations.
  • Added extra dangerous zombie.
  • Added new vehicle suspension system for WAY better handling especially with elevation changes.
  • Added new zombie packet batching system.
  • Added monocle as Gold glasses due to popular demand.
  • Added no space message.
  • Added dropped item despawning after ~10 minutes on dedicated servers.
  • Added vehicles getting damaged when running over many zombies or players.
  • Added specific hook for secondary guns in primary slot.
  • Added "zombie" command in the form [player]/[#zombies]. (Note: Large numbers of zombies in one spot on ANY map leads to issues.)
  • Added option for toggle to aim, crouch, prone and sprint.
  • Added black travelpack. (ID 245)
  • Added blue travelpack. (ID 246)
  • Added green travelpack. (ID 247)
  • Added orange travelpack. (ID 248)
  • Added purple travelpack. (ID 249)
  • Added red travelpack. (ID 250)
  • Added white travelpack. (ID 251)
  • Added yellow travelpack. (ID 252)
  • Added alicepack. (ID 253)


  • Improved singleplayer item system to not delete dropped items when swapping regions.
  • Improved Devtest zombies to not be a fasion attrocity.
  • Improved performance of ragdoll manager minorly.
  • Improved zombie audio by merging startle and attack sounds.


  • Increased zombie target time to make it a bit easier.
  • Decreased speed of vehicle fuel use.
  • Increased fuel capacity of offroader.


  • Fixed last inventory removal not updating crafting.
  • Fixed clothing swapping drop when in leaving area.
  • Fixed auto-equipped guns not getting sent as in a slot.
  • Fixed yellow/white sweatervest models swapped.
  • Fixed clicking on servers that are full.
  • Fixed client not receiving equip notification.
  • Fixed purple daypack icon.
  • Fixed new clothing items using old recipes.
  • Fixed server attempting to respawn vehicles over the vehicle limit.
  • Fixed farmer hat icon.
  • Fixed yellow shirt called shirt shirt.
  • Fixed non-slot items not automatically getting equipped.
  • Fixed inventory not automatically putting item into primary/secondary slot when a non primary/secondary item was equipped.