April 9, 2021 patch

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Small Update

Update Notes:[edit]


  • VehicleTurretEventHook component for modded vehicles.


  • Slightly increased footstep audio interval.


  • Effect volume should not spawn on dedicated server.
  • Singleplayer initializing quests twice on load.
  • Electric zombie attack loopback exception on dedicated server.
  • Not loading Debris_Old.prefab for non-speedtrees.
  • Using stuck vehicle to teleport out of arena into lobby.
  • Warning for dedicated server per-file workshop result.
  • Initial lighting state sent in arena levels.
  • Mirror back of shirt for left-handed characters.
  • Potential logging UTF8 encoding fallback exception.
  • IOBS event hook registering too early.
  • Networked gun UI getting created before HUD.
  • Swapping rotated item with non-rotated equipped item.