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I am a modder on 3.0 , But I am also planning to became modder on 4.0 too, just hope my computer will handle that :/ playing unturned since 2.0 such a long story... Oh, and I am french, and i only have a school level english, quite annoying, but that means that sometimes I cant understand everything peoples say... I am 15 years old and practicing Judo and Tennis. I like PVP but I prefer true and hard Survival on yukon with eternal blizzard...

Current project is Max Star Civilisations, a pack that will be continued until I got access to 4.0... it will include spaceships , guns, objects, ressources, details and all that kind of stuff, located on a extraterrestrial map, with aliens trees, aliens animals, alien details and aliens roads and structure.... etc... recruiting members for this project, we also got a trello and a discord. Currently 2 members , me and [NDK] DIE_(= Project backstory : In 2020, humanity was almost destroyed by the virus, a prototype space shuttle with hundred of humans was sent to a hostile but Liveable planet, they landed but this wasnt what they expected, they were not only.. Find the trello Join the project, onboarding the spaceship :

Steam : Discord : THEMAX#7011