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Great Hero J   Active Editor Flag of Canada.png

Great Hero J is a Canadian PC gamer, digital/pixel artist, fledgling modder, and avid (albeit somewhat withdrawn) personality in the SDG/Unturned community. He primarily enjoys the gaming genres of survival, simulation, strategy, and tactical shooters, as well as any opportunity to work together or have fun with friends.

SDG Wiki involvement[edit]

Great Hero J started his journey as one of the earliest editors of the SDG Wiki on February 7, 2018. He primarily focuses on unstubbing pages, contributing images, adding trivia, and playing an auxiliary role in the wiki's overall logistics. He has some previous experience as an editor of other wikis, and generally enjoys the challenge.

SDG Forum involvement[edit]

On March 22, 2020, Great Hero J accepted an invitation to the SDG Forum family as the first category moderator, along with community member Armaros. On June 28, this "c-mod" group would later be phased out in favour of moderator status, to which he remains to the present day. Prior to his stint as moderator, he was a highly active forum regular that focused on making in-depth suggestion posts for prospective game mechanics in Unturned II. His activity has since waned however, and he can more commonly be seen on other community mediums (or editing the SDG Wiki).


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Discord ID available upon request.