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About Me[edit]

Did the Wiki thing. Doing the Discord thing. Now I will do this Wiki thing!

Beware the walls of text!
My History w/ Unturned

I have been a player of Nelson's games before Unturned was created. Before Unturned, I was a fan of his games that he developed on ROBLOX such as DEADZONE, the precursor to Unturned, and his beloved BATTLEFIELD game. Always interested in survival games like DayZ, Deadzone was a fun alternative to other survival games I had access to at the time.

It was when I heard about Nelson's upcoming project, Deadzone II, that I started to become invested in following the game's development. To my dismay, I came to discover that the game's development had been stopped, though I would later find out that ROBLOX's update(s) breaking the game was the cause of Nelson's abandonment of Deadzone II. To my delight his developmental endeavors were not halted, and I found my way to Nelson's blogspot that featured his development for a game titled "Unturned".

Due to the success of DEADZONE on ROBLOX, his early development was supplied with an audience that followed him to provide feedback and support. My participation in blogspot discussions became a daily task of typing up my suggestions, likes, and criticisms of the development. I was even able to involve some friends in on this new and interesting indie game that I felt a part of. The Unturned development overtook my interest to play other games, and almost entirely replaced my passion for Runescape!

Searching for information relevant to the game, I found out that someone had already created an Unturned Wiki! It was quite spotty with information, had inconsistencies with page formatting, and had rampant grammatical errors throughout. I took it upon myself to contribute thousands of edits to the cause of making a better written wiki for others to benefit from. I eventually climbed my way to the spot as the top contributor of that wiki with all of the work I put in! Yeah, whatever...

It sounds irrelevant, but bear with my brief description of an event that took place during the early development of Unturned. To preface, I enjoy playing like a hero from DayZ; healing and helping others, intended on only killing zombies and bandits. I was scouting out a town from atop a building in Unturned when I was shot by a sniper in the woods and was reduced to 0% health. In reaction, I immediately went prone behind cover and used a medkit to get back to full health. (Medical items took effect instantly back then.) It was then I realized that I had just cheated death, Haha, get it? and I ended up killing my attacker. I decided that was enough Unturned for one night and logged off to find out later on that I had been banned! get rekt Confused, I took to the blogspot for the reason of my ban and to hopefully have it repealed. I was told that I was accused of cheating because I didn't die after being shot in the head with a high-powered sniper rifle. It also didn't seem out of the question to believe at the time that a player with such a negative sounding name as "Deathismad" would cheat in an indie game that already had a problem with cheating players. Nelson, noting my comments and contributions to the wiki, gave me the benefit of the doubt and lifted my ban from Unturned. Resulting from the incident, we began to communicate more often and became acquaintances.

Unturned eventually grew out of it's baby clothes and underwent a total makeover into it's second rendition, Unturned 2.x! I was able to help test this version, and was even added into the game as an easter egg under the Confederation Bridge on the PEI map! Loser. With my knowledge about Unturned 2.x I took initiative on creating a new Unturned Wiki to accommodate the new Unturned game, and thus the Unturned Bunker Wiki was born! Unfortunately my work ethic for this wiki became lackluster, and most efforts were put into making simple templates, smaller edits, and handling basic administrative matters. I felt burnt-out by the time 2.x began to give rise to the current 3.x version, and I seemed to vanish from the community for some time. I still checked up on the wiki occasionally to answer messages and to handle drama, vandalism, and flame wars, but I didn't have the drive I used to have. I was sad to see how my passion had withered away for this community, but it was not in vain.

I noticed a user in particular making substantial edits, not only in quantity, but quality as well. Technically savvy and doing their own thing in the community. Unlike others with a similar drive to contribute, this user didn't seem to be motivated by promotion to administrator. Eventually we came to talk, usually regarding wiki-related matters, and I promoted him to discussions moderator in response to his consistent drive to edit. This user's name is MoltonMontro.

Before Discord, I chatted with wiki users via Wikia's "Live! Chat" feature and through the comments on pages. A user who seemed dedicated to contributing in discussions as well as page edits caught my eye. Combined with a great attitude towards others, I saw it fit to make that person a chat moderator. This user's name is Yarrrr.

I launched a discord server on 5/26/16 that currently has 800 players as of 3/2/18. It proves to be a more effective form of communicating with the Unturned Wiki Community than the Wikia's chat features and spotty comment sections. It's where I communicate with most of the community now, and where I talk with friends about Unturned.

Now I await 4.0's launch, hoping to contribute more to the community than I have before!

Beware the fence of text!
My Reflection

I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given to participate in this community. It's been quite an adventure so far seeing top Youtubers like Pewdiepie and Markiplier playing Unturned, befriending a developer who has an ungodly degree of humility and work ethic, and knowing amazing people like MoltonMontro, Yarrrr, MeLikeBigBoom, BigJ, and so many other people who have all been brought together by a single developer with a passion to create.

If you actually took the time to read through this mess, let me know and I'll be sending your medal in the mail.

"Why is Death mad?" -everyone