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Meta-template used for constructing ambox templates. Amboxes are fixed-format tables designed to be added to the top of pages when needing to display important messages.


| type =
| priority =
| icon = <font size="5"></font>
| header =
| desc =
| category =
| category toggle = {{{2|}}}

"Type" tags[edit]

The ambox has several color variants used to differentiate different type of messages, as instructed by the Type parameter.


Protection amboxes are used to indicate when a page is locked against edits. They have a gray-colored tag.


The Deletion parameter input adds a red-colored tag. This "Type" tag is used for messages indicating a proposal for page deletion.


Function amboxes are placed at the top of pages when needing to indicate its purpose, such as for page disambiguation, community guides, or official documentation. They appear with green-colored tags.

Notice and Internal[edit]

The Notice input gives the ambox a blue-colored tag. They are used within or at the top of articles when needing to provide information that readers or editors should be aware of. Internal amboxes are a sub-type of the "Notice" group of amboxes, but are exclusively for use outside of articles. They have cerulean-colored tags, and visually appear similar to the "Notice" group of amboxes.


The Move parameter input is used for a group of amboxes dedicated to merge, split, and other similar proposals. These amboxes have a magenta-colored tag.

Content and Style[edit]

Content amboxes are used for messages regarding problems with the content of an article (what the article actually says). They have orange-colored tags. Style amboxes have yellow-colored tags. They are used for messages regarding problems not with the content, but how it is formatted or presented.

Miscellaneous tags[edit]

The None input will give the ambox a charcoal-colored tag. This "Type" tag is used for no specific purpose, and only exists in the case of their being no suitable alternative besides the default. The default, as instructed by the #default switch, has a "Type" tag of the same color as the ambox's border.


Adding Priority = True to the sub-template will change the colors of the background and border to more closely match the ambox's "Type" tag color. This parameter defaults to False when no input is supplied.

Color index[edit]

Amboxes are divided into various groups. Each group has a corresponding color code. When Priority = True, additional CSS modifications are applied.

Color tag Type Description Example templates Priority background Priority border
Slate gray
Protection Protected page. {{Long protect}}, {{Short protect}} #333C44
Big stone azure
Slate fiord
Fire brick
Deletion Proposals for page deletion. {{Delete}}, {{Speedy delete}} #3C2126
Temptress shade
Chestnut brown shade
Myrtle green
Function Indicate atypical article purpose or function. {{Disambiguation}}, {{Documentation}}, {{Guide}} #2C3B39
Dark viridian
Gray-green shade
Dodger blue
Notice Information readers or editors should be aware of. {{High-traffic editing}}, {{Removed}}, {{Spoilers}}, {{Unofficial}}, {{Upcoming}} #1E344A
Blue whale
Blue-gray shade
Internal Important information regarding the template. {{High-use}}, {{Uses Lua}} #21333F
Midnight cornflower
Cornflower cello
Dark orchid
Move Merge, split, and other similar proposals. {{Merge}}, {{Move}}, {{Split}} #2E2334
Grayish mardi gras
Deep mulled wine
Content Problems with the literal content of an article. {{Outdated}} #543E21
Gambogian carnaby tan
Gambogian potter's clay
Style Problems with the formatting and presentation of content. {{Copyedit}}, {{Meta reconstruction}}, {{Stub}}, {{Under construction}} #4D4630
Punga gold
Old gold shade

Outside of the standard "Type" groups are two additional types. None is an extra parameter input with no exclusive purpose, and may be used when there is no other suitable alternative. #default represents the default parameter input, and is only used internally.

Color tag Type
Achromatic charcoal