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Tank Desert model.png
Context typeLegendary Car
Seats2 seats
Trunk storage36 slots (6 × 6)
Starting health1100 to 1200 health
Maximum health1250 health
Starting fuel200 to 400 liters
Fuel capacity2000 liters
Maximum speedForward: 36 kph (22.37 mph)
Reverse: 14.4 kph (8.95 mph)
Steering24° to 48° degrees of steering
Braking24 brake force
TractionTires have traction in snow.
InvulnerabilityVehicle is immune to most damage sources.
Tire invulnerabilityTires cannot be destroyed, replaced, or removed.
Seated passengers only take 20% of explosive damage.
Bumper multiplierCollisions with objects deals ×2 damage.
  • Tank Cannon
    Heading: -135° to 135°
    Elevation: 45° to 105°

The Tank is a car in Unturned (version 3). It features a Tank Cannon as a vehicular turret. The turret has a limited turning angle, which prevents aiming directly behind the Tank or at extreme angles of elevation, although the turret seat can be rotated instantaneously while the turret is being aimed. The driver, however, is unable to turn their camera and is forced to face forward the entire time while driving the vehicle.


It can be found at military locations.


There are three variants of the Tank, which are obtainable on different maps. All the variants are statistically identical.

Variant Name ID
Desert Desert Tank 121
Forest Forest Tank 120
Olive Tank 137
Urban Tank 173


  • A tank is an armored fighting vehicle intended as a primary offensive weapon in front-line ground combat.
  • Tanks were first added as static and decorative objects on maps, such as PEI and Washington.
  • It was the first vehicle added to the game to have a mounted weapon.
  • Although there is a visible heavy machine gun on the tank, only the cannon is actually usable.
  • Unlike most real tanks, it does not have built-in ammunition storage. Instead, the cannon is reloaded directly from the player's inventory.
  • During internal development, the first iteration of the tank was a Hatchback with a vehicular turret on the roof.