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Nelson overwrote them with the notes for and Ive only searched a little but I could not find the notes anywhere else. I would create the page but I feel like it would be misleading for it to be a blue link.

This has been ran through a translator multiple times (English → Korean → English), but according to a post made by someone named J곰 it's along the lines of: Update Notes


The following are currently non-default: These are the preview patch notes for some branch. If you are interested in testing you can sign up with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF".

You can now talk to other players inside the micro game! The voice quality should be much higher than 2.0 and no longer burden the server.


- Added voice chat. (default key is Left Alt)
- Added welcome command.
- Added option to disable chat messages from others.
- Added option to disable voice chat.
- Added option to filter average words to text chat.
- Added ability for zombies to be stunned when large amounts of damage are applied.
-Added FOV fly effect to the editor.
- Added additional fallback on resolution change.
- Added some Halloween themed props to the mansion on the Devtest map.
- Added important hitmarkers.
- Added stamina attribute to melees.


-Meleeing zombies now attracts zombies very close.
-Zombies kill players and wander away.
- Improved sneak approach system , can affect the angle of movement and visibility.
- Optimize the code behind packet routing.
- Improved chat logging information.


- Decreased size on hitbox reflects player model more accurately.
-Check for reduced zombie detection updates.
-Strain rate and detection radius.
- Increased map borders to 64m wide and gave the editor the ability to go through them.
-Increased number of chat messages and chat message length as well.


-Fixed a bug that sometimes made starvation death message exchanges.
- Fixed several hit detection issues caused by using incorrect ping numbers.
-Fixed server list filter in PVP/PVE.
- Fix zombie step height.
- Fixed map border texture tiling.
- Placement logic fixes objects outside of map borders.
-Fixed to run chat when replacing server
-Fixed blinking status when loading with low health.
-Fixed zombies wandering far out of search range.
- Damage zombies after walking quickly and out of range.(?)
- Cooler than one of the player's ragdoll zombies.

What do you guys think about the zombie stun? It will make your hopes out of melee combat more difficult when fighting hordes of zombies!

I'd love to know your thoughts on options to place PVP and PvE areas in the editor. Essentially this allows you to make a harmless compromise where safe players can safely trade with each other, or a wasteland where fights are allowed and the best loot spawns. good/bad? Discuss.

Also: If you find a word missing with the chat filter, be sure to report it in the bug report section.

Thanks for reading!
Which looks mostly* understandable.—MoltonMontro (talk) 06:13, December 16, 2022 (UTC)