Tactical Laser

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Tactical Laser
Tactical Laser 151.png
Side mounted tactical laser. Increases accuracy.
Context typeRare Tactical Attachment
Size1 slots (1 × 1)
Laser sightToggleable visible laser sight.
Spread0.8 multiplier
Internal ID: 151

The Tactical Laser is a tactical attachment in Unturned (version 3). It is a laser sight that can be toggled on and off by pressing B, and when toggled on it will emit a visible red laser dot to assist in aiming. It will emit a red glow when active, which is visible to the player and to others. In addition, the laser sight also reduces bullet spread.

It can be attached to any ranged weapon with a tactical attachment hook.


The attachment can be found at military locations, and most other places or sources with military-grade loot.