September 28, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added new water shader and configuration.
  • Added FOV slider.
  • Added FPS counter.
  • Added Steam Cloud savedata output to help debug some reported issues.
  • Added DNS support to the connect field.


  • Decreased max level height.
  • Swapped single-player listen port to 25000.


  • Fixed several UI issues caused by clearing maps.
  • Fixed resource baking putting resources inside buildings.
  • Fixed single-player showing up on the internet list.
  • Fixed closing inventory when clicking equip.
  • Fixed stars with low draw distance.
  • Fixed collision of store cooler objects.
  • Fixed failed to find a server message.
  • Fixed connection info through exterior master server.
  • Fixed missing map message.