September 27, 2019 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Game version is now,118.


  • Added team-based collision triggers.
  • Added the Pirate Speak localization, with text by Paul "Yarrrr".
  • Added tag-based system to handle initialization of an item's quantity, ammo count, and other such information.
  • Added a "No Default Attachments" spawning tag.

Horde Mode

  • Added Horde Mode.
  • Added the the Horde Potato and Horde Chapel maps.
  • Players can play as a zombie after death in Horde Mode.
  • Added classic zombies with basic artificial intelligence.

Blood impacts

  • Added blood splatters and impact particle effects. Ragdoll impact effects are temporarily disabled.
  • Added a "zombie arms" melee weapon that the classic zombies use.
  • Added a quick hit flash as a part of blood effects.
  • Passthrough particles follow bullets.
  • Outward, chunky blood particles.
  • Bullet impact flesh sound.
  • Streaking blood splatter decals align with the bullet's trajectory.
  • Nearby splatter decals form big puddles, while further decals appear as small flecks.
  • Splashes and decals occur from ragdoll physics impacts.
  • "Meat slap" sounds from ragdoll collisions.

Online sessions

  • Steam servers can now be joined directly.
  • Querying a hostname will resolve the IP and ping the server directly for Steam details (including for LAN servers).
  • Implemented rudimentary automated testing that simulates in-game scenarios and covers more of the inventory actions.