September 26, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added an all-new brush system to allow painting/terraforming along the edges of the map.
  • Added messages for short name, long name and number name.
  • Added messages for issues pre-joining a server.
  • Added information about the server on the loading screen.
  • Added password icon on the server list.
  • Added support for all numeric hotkeys.
  • Added item names to item tooltips.
  • Added a safeguard against spawning under the map after a terrain height change.
  • Added a Detective Riley billboard object.


  • Increased mesh quality at longer ranges.
  • Changed the default mesh quality to medium.
  • Map command is case-sensitive.


  • Fixed servers not showing up on the in-game list.
  • Fixed clicking edit on maps made by other people.
  • Fixed the most likely cause of items sometimes stacking on top of one another.
  • Fixed virus showing up as 100%.
  • Fixed the most likely cause of the D3D handle loss.
  • Fixed the roads to show up in large objects category.