September 25, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now for version 3, and 2.2.5 for classic.

Unturned (version 3)

  • A Steam beta branch for version 3 can be accessed by decoding a Morse code message added to version 2.2.5 of Unturned (classic).
  • Servers require a starting port, plus two.
  • Place basic spawn points in the level editor.
  • More information is saved between play sessions, and servers have a better save structure.
  • Player's inventory is now saved in /Saves/<Server-Name>/<Player-Name>/Inventory.
  • Clothes, inventory, movement, looking and stances are synced across the server.
  • Assets are loaded in much more efficiently, and per-asset data is stored externally from packages which makes editing them simpler.
  • Server anti-cheat protection is stronger, and blocks more exploits.
  • Server auto-kick tool is more effective.
  • New and more optimized player model, with ragdolls and a more consistent texture-to-surface ratio.
  • New animation system allowing shared animations between first- and third-person.
  • Players can wear a hat, glasses, mask, backpack, vest, shirt and pants at the same time.
  • Added the AR32, and attachments are visible on dropped weapons.
  • Servers can be hosted in in secure, insecure, or LAN modes. Banned players can still play on insecure servers.
  • Hosts can blacklist, whitelist, and kick players from the dedicated console, or by adding their names to the whitelist/blacklist files.
  • Hosts can give other players admin powers on the server.
  • Bans and kicks can have specified reasons, and specific durations.
  • Integrated rich presence API for playing on maps, editing maps, or being on the menu. Players can join each other through Steam invites or friends list.
  • Level editor supports eight ground materials (two splatmaps) at a time, with 4× resolution, as well as the ability to mark which materials have grass and rock details.
  • The details tab allows you to configure all your grass and rocks.
  • The inventory uses a new and more modular grid-based system.
  • Clothing can be used for additional inventory space.
  • Players can create and customize multiple uniquely individual characters, with a name, appearance, and specialty.
  • Every player on the server gets allocated a unique 16-bit identity associated with their Steam account.
  • Massive optimizations.
  • Dedicated servers on the Steam server list.
  • VAC anti-cheat integration.
  • Better networking for servers.
  • Modify the day-night cycle with the level editor.
  • Moon cycle for nighttime.
  • Road tool in the level editor, with different road textures.
  • Objects can now be imported through the editor and spawned into the level.
  • Items have physics when dropped.
  • Inventory items render icons from the actual model, allowing attachments to be seen on the weapon.
  • Build loot tables in the level editor.
  • Import trees into the terrain tool and generate them onto the terrain automatically.
  • Framework for felled tree physics.
  • Levels can be as small as 500 × 500 m.
  • Items have a "quality" attribute for wear and tear.
  • Level data is stored more efficiently, taking up less space.
  • Windows and macOS builds of the game are generated more efficiently.
  • Tools in the level editor for texture painting, copy/pasting objects, and adjusting sun color.
  • Fog shader.
  • Many new objects for use from the level editor, and higher-fidelity assets compared to Unturned (classic).
  • Options list for monitor resolutions, as opposed to a slider.
  • Server list from the "Play" menu.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Loading screens.
  • Additional character customization options.
  • Initial set of console commands.

Unturned (classic)

  • The radio tower broadcasts a series of Morse code flashes. When decoded, it translates to "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF".

Unturned - Permanent Gold Upgrade

  • Gold members get extra character slots in Unturned (version 3).
  • Customize the color of your player character's hair and skin with RGB inputs in Unturned (version 3).