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Scope is what you can expect to find on the SDG Wiki and its articles. The SDG Wiki is primarily focused on providing detailed articles regarding official game content for the PC versions of Unturned and Unturned II. Curated content, and console content, is considered out of scope.

Curated content[edit]

Each curated projects adds a large amount of new assets and content to Unturned. Some of these curated projects may have also made changes to existing official content, causing contradictory or conflicting information. As such, curated content is considered out of scope.

Certain curated content may be considered more "important" than others, and when relevant should have articles developed sooner than other curated content. Notably, Hawaii has an achievement on the PC version of Unturned, and is available on the console version as a playable map.

Console content[edit]

The console version of Unturned has a few different implementations of various features, and runs on an older version of the PC game. As such, focusing on the inclusion of console content, which already has very few reliable resources to pull from elsewhere, is out of scope.