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Scope is what you can expect to find on the SDG Wiki and its articles. First and foremost, the SDG Wiki is a game wiki. The SDG Wiki is committed to providing detailed articles regarding official content for the PC versions of Unturned and Unturned II, in addition to any other games or projects released by Smartly Dressed Games. Curated content, and console content, is considered out of scope.

Unturned content

Presently, the wiki is focused on official PC game content. This means curated content, and console content, is considered out of scope. Furthermore, there are no plans to support Steam Workshop content in any degree of substantial detail. Due to the nature of curation, some curated content is more integrated into "official" gameplay than others. This should be taken into consideration when expanding the scope of the content covered. For example, a curated map that is available on multiple platforms.

Be mindful that curated projects tend to have a large amount of new content. Some of these curated projects may even include change to existing official content, causing contradictory or conflicting information. The same can be said for content available on the console versions of the game as well, which may include minor differences between items.

Unturned II content

Unturned II is in the early stages of development, with limited beta access. As such, it is less important to focus on this sort of content, when compared to Unturned. However, this sort of content is still considered within scope of the SDG Wiki, and should be covered.

Other games

Other games created and supported by Smartly Dressed Games will typically fall within the scope of the wiki. For example, articles about Jolf. A notable exception to this is Deadzone, which not only predates Smartly Dressed Games, but is no longer playable.

Non-game content

The SDG Wiki is, ultimately, meant for all things Smartly Dressed Games. This includes topics such as bibliographies, non-game projects, history, and more.