October 5, 2014 patch

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Patch notes

Game version is now as of patch 1, and as of patch 2.

Patch 1


  • Added new tree and bush models.
  • Added new rocks and flowers.
  • Added region system to items.
  • Added item respawning.


  • Improved movement adjustment.
  • Improved tree rotation distinction.
  • Improved tree file storage.


  • Reduced 5.56mm Silencer volume.
  • Changed height/steepness to sliders.
  • Raised max level height due to popular demand.


  • Fixed inventory when prone.
  • Fixed standing up area check.
  • Fixed details appearing under the ocean.
  • Fixed a crash related to attachments.
  • Fixed controls not saving.
  • Fixed a single-player kick issue.
  • Fixed items not spawning when there was an empty spawn table.

Patch 2

  • Fixed a bug causing poor performance.