October 26, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added voice chat. (default key is Left Alt)
  • Added welcome command.
  • Added option to disable chat messages from others.
  • Added option to disable voice chat.
  • Added option to filter average words to text chat.
  • Added ability for zombies to be stunned when large amounts of damage are applied.
  • Added FOV fly effect to the editor.
  • Added additional fallback on resolution change.
  • Added some Halloween themed props to the mansion on the Devtest map.
  • Added important hitmarkers.
  • Added stamina attribute to melees.


  • Meleeing zombies now attracts zombies very close.
  • Zombies kill players and wander away.
  • Improved sneak approach system , can affect the angle of movement and visibility.
  • Optimize the code behind packet routing.
  • Improved chat logging information.


  • Decreased size on hitbox reflects player model more accurately.
  • Check for reduced zombie detection updates.
  • Strain rate and detection radius.
  • Increased map borders to 64m wide and gave the editor the ability to go through them.
  • Increased number of chat messages and chat message length as well.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made starvation death message exchanges.
  • Fixed several hit detection issues caused by using incorrect ping numbers.
  • Fixed server list filter in PVP/PVE.
  • Fix zombie step height.
  • Fixed map border texture tiling.
  • Placement logic fixes objects outside of map borders.
  • Fixed to run chat when replacing server
  • Fixed blinking status when loading with low health.
  • Fixed zombies wandering far out of search range.
  • Damage zombies after walking quickly and out of range.(?)
  • Cooler than one of the player's ragdoll zombies.