October 25, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added PvP command.
  • Added PvE command.
  • Added entirely new zombie spawning system for singleplayer that dramatically improves performance (especially on large maps) and doesn't respawn zombies near the player.
  • Zombies wander away when a player leaves them behind.
  • Added the Red Dot Scope.
  • Added new death screen.
  • Added cause of death information.
  • Added extra fallbacks in case of missing files.


  • Seperated input simulation from physics update rate.
  • Improved physics and ragdoll quality.
  • Improved zombie performance and ability to move around the environment.
  • Improved zombie clothing generator to allow shirt/pants chance parameter.
  • Improved editor painting tools especially when painting in areas with objects.
  • Blood splatters in the same direction as the damage applied.


  • Increased navigation graph accuracy.
  • Increased zombie spawn and respawn rate.
  • Increased distance between 8x scope and camera.
  • Reduced amount of blur.
  • Reduced volume of menu music.


  • Fixed desync caused by going prone and out quickly.
  • Fixed the server-side aim not syncing with the dual render scopes.
  • Fixed a bug that submerged the map in water.
  • Fixed zombie loot table field.
  • Fixed zombies walking down slopes.
  • Fixed editing bounds area of maps.
  • Fixed breaking tables buttons when no table exists.
  • Fixed ragdoll when mauled by a zombie.
  • Fixed a crash caused by dead zombies.
  • Fixed dryer hitbox.
  • Fixed spelling of successfully in a ton of files.
  • Fixed savedata getting included in the Shared depot.