October 15, 2021 patch

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Regular Update



  • Accepted several weapon skins from the curated workshop.
  • Configurable default starting values for health, food, water, and infection.
  • Harvest_Reward_Experience option for harvestable items.
  • Forage_Reward_Experience option for forageable trees.
  • Halloween_Redirect option for trees, props, terrain materials and foliage.
  • Command-line option -LogLevelHash to debug modified level kick.


  • Converted mouse aim sensitivity to degrees per pixel rather than arbitrary multiplier.
  • Moved server password entry into its own separate menu.
  • Separated "space" server list filter into "has players" and "has available slots" filters.
  • Updated character .blend included in source files.


  • Missing belt on left side of RCMP uniform top.
  • Zombie kill XP using Full_Moon_Experience_Multiplier rather than Beacon_Experience_Multiplier.
  • Damage potentially rounding to zero and/or getting incorrectly clamped during horde beacon.
  • Exception editing arena map after playing non-arena map.
  • Loading levels with mismatched bounds/flags_data/flags files.
  • Client locally removing group invitation when server prevented accepting.
  • Pool cue crafting recipes using logs rather than sticks.
  • Scythe incorrect thumbnail camera positioning.
  • Shipping cargo containers missing audio after metal door sound was consolidated.

Mouse Sensitivity:[edit]

Your mouse sensitivity has been converted to degrees per pixel. For example a value of 0.5 degrees per pixel means your would turn 50 degrees if you moved your mouse 100 pixels. I think it would be nice if more games represented mouse sensitivity this way because it would make it easier to copy input / control preferences between games.

Server Password and Filters:[edit]

Entering the password on the server browser screen was confusing. The "space" filter also only showed servers with space with at least one player, so that option was split out and replaced the password field, and the password field was moved into its own menu.