October 13, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added the Timberwolf.
  • Added teleport command.
  • Added say command.
  • Added chat.
  • Added the ability to run commands in-game as an administrator, by prefixing with @.
  • Added player list.
  • Added the "bolt" action mechanism for ranged weapons.
  • Added caliber system to attachments.
  • Added dual-render scope system.
  • Added sensitivity adjustment when aiming.
  • Added more server-side filters to keep out odd names.
  • Added muzzle parameter to guns.


  • Gun audio range is equivalent to maximum firing range.
  • Improved viewmodel rotation system.
  • Moved hitmarkers to client side.
  • Improved the remaining commands to accept all types of player identifiers.


  • Increased physics update rate.
  • Renamed the AR32 to Eaglefire.
  • Increased tooltip box size.
  • Increased item respawn rate.
  • Decreased cloud and star movement speed.


  • Fixed updating the inventory player with attachment updates.
  • Fixed duplicating attachments.
  • Fixed 5.56x45mm Drum magazines unloading into 5.56x45mm Magazines.
  • Fixed a savedata crash when odd letters were used.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by names with certain characters.
  • Fixed lights flashing.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed for reloading while already reloading, due to lag.
  • Fixed a bug with picking up items.
  • Fixed item drop position on dead player when rejoining region.
  • Fixed pickup animation when prone and crouched.
  • Fixed clothing to draw at long ranges of player.
  • Fixed base of street light object being red.
  • Fixed aiming without sights.
  • Fixed beard and hair draw distance.
  • Fixed server character name.
  • Fixed sprinting when pressing sprint before moving.
  • Fixed attachments screen getting stuck on display after death.
  • Fixed firing with safety on when shooting.
  • Fixed inventory crash caused by changed item sizes.
  • Fixed car lift collision.
  • Fixed all menu map lists to stay in sync.
  • Fixed a bug caused when localization files were missing.
  • Fixed UI replacements to be for Gold members only.
  • Fixed flickering muzzle flash.
  • Fixed text field label offset issues.
  • Fixed a crash loading the server player list.
  • Updated to Unity 4.5.4p3 to fix some Unity-related bugs, such as losing connection to multiplayer servers when tabbing out of fullscreen.


  • The Eaglefire has a caliber property of 1
  • The Eaglefire has a muzzle property of 3.