October 11, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now as of patch 1, and as of patch 2.

Patch 1


  • Added new positional correction system to reduce wrongful checks.
  • Added better client-side view interpolation to fix jittery movement.
  • Added seaside and cliffside audio.


  • Improved max quality water performance.
  • Improved simulation performance.
  • Improved ping display to take more than one sample.


  • Reduced volume of the 5.56mm Silencer.
  • Increased width of filing cabinet object.


  • Fixed inventory state updating, such as reload not applying in single-player.
  • Fixed removing items from the inventory.
  • Fixed using items after already starting using them.
  • Fixed a copy-paste bug in the editor.
  • Fixed a likely cause of slow motion bug.
  • Fixed a likely cause of "teleporting to other players" bug.
  • Fixed hashing of SDG namespace.
  • Fixed clouds clipping into the sun and moon.

Patch 2


  • Swapped input packets to send instantly as UDP.