October 10, 2014 patch

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Patch notes

Game version is now


  • Added entirely server-side input processing.
  • Added a 5.56x45mm Drum magazine.
  • Added a "firerate" property to guns.
  • Added parking line model for designing parking lots.
  • Added ping to FPS debug.
  • Added black-and-white near-death effect.


  • Improved style of most inventory icons to be isometric.
  • Resource placement when baking is now affected by material chance and overgrowth.
  • Resources are saved with a higher-priority position which fixes a tree position bug.
  • The fullest magazine is chosen when reloading.
  • Empty magazines no longer show up in the attachment list.



  • Fixed a crash on maps with no item spawns.
  • Fixed an inventory loading bug.
  • Fixed inventory open animation.