November 26, 2021 patch

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Patch notes

  • Game version is now



  • Explosion_Launch_Speed_Multiplier gameplay option.
  • AirStrafing_Acceleration_Multiplier and AirStrafing_Deceleration_Multiplier movement options.
  • Allow_Holidays option to disable holiday decorations and events.


  • Calculate fall damage from velocity rather than vertical distance.
  • Increased maximum fall speed from 20m/s to 100m/s.
  • Bounce charges deal a small amount of damage.
  • Converted structure/barricade save/load/network to use asset guids.
  • WIP support for referencing transforms over the network.
  • Removed unused name to object lookup.


  • Sliding down slope against wall to build up speed. [Thanks Fireside, Loaf, and AriJN!]
  • Teleport reverting in some cases.

Teleport Bug

The problems using teleporters since the previous update were an embarrassing mistake. When it was first reported I included a speculative fix in the .1 patch. Or so I thought. After much testing on different maps, with 250ms fake lag, with forced low server tickrate, etc., unable to reproduce it I realized the fix did not actually make it into the .1 patch, but I had been testing using the fix. Sorry for all the trouble!

Patch #1

Improved "missing barricade/structure (guid here)" kick message for hosts experiencing the error frequently after this update. Previously the client could not show the name of the missing asset because, well, the asset is missing/unknown. After the .1 patch the client will notify the server of the missing asset, and from there the server can kick for one of two reasons:

1. Guid read/write error. This happens if the missing asset reported by the client does not exist on the server either, indicating a packet was corrupted somewhere. (because the asset had to exist on the server originally) The most likely reason for getting this error is if a plugin is patching/modifying the netcode for sending barricades and structures to the client.

2. Missing critical asset. Here the server can display both the guid and file name to help track down which asset packs are not installed on the client.