November 2, 2014 patch

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Patch notes

Game version is now


  • Added new AI systems to allow zombies to jump through windows.
  • Added collision and navigation version of every model to improve performance and allow areas to be cut off the navmesh.
  • Added some new measures to prevent ESP hacks.
  • Added the ability to swap items places in inventory.
  • Added the ability to equip an item to replace existing primary/secondary item.
  • Added wraparound snapping to the inventory.
  • Added warnings when an object is missing navigation or collision data.
  • Added support for bullet penetrable objects such as wire fences.


  • Heavily optimized what the server loads to maximize memory useage and performance.
  • Improved pickup animation.
  • Improved bandwidth.


  • Reduced fall speed.
  • Increased hitbox size of small items to make them easier to pick up.
  • Increased width of navmesh to make it easier for zombies to move around.
  • Increased all LOD distances.
  • Increased server physics rate in preperation for vehicles.
  • Decreased rate of starvation and dehydration.


  • Fixed a hit detection issue when moving and firing.
  • Fixed clicking on primary/secondary on character dequiping an item.
  • Fixed a bug where primary and secondary would still show up on character after dieing.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the server repeating itself with zombies.
  • Fixed a bug where the primary would not be updated when dragging out.
  • Fixed animation jitter on client when players/zombies started and stopped moving.
  • Fixed a bug with the menu clothing.
  • Fixed objects that did not have a numerical suffix.
  • Fixed a crash when joining servers.