November 19, 2021 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Update Notes



  • Bounce Charge [ID 1691]
  • Damage_Falloff_Range and Damage_Falloff_Multiplier gun options.
  • Bypass_Pickup_Ownership barricade option. Enabled for charges.
  • Nightvision_Color and Nightvision_Fog_Intensity options.
  • Movement_Speed_Multiplier clothing option.


  • Improved movement input in multiplayer to reduce rubberbanding.
  • Strafing in midair is no longer immediate, player now has velocity.
  • Setting game server login token (GSLT) is required for the internet server list.
  • Converted hardcoded physics material audio effects to WIP physics material assets.


  • Explosive traps ignoring effect spawn radius.
  • Salvaging a Schofield now gives a metal scrap and a maple plank (originally, two metal scrap). This change is consistent with similar item salvages.
  • Split Coconut crafting recipe is now categorized under Supplies instead of Tools, just like other food-based crafting recipes are.
  • Makeshift Armor salvage recipe is now categorized under Apparel instead of Tools, just like other clothing salvage recipes are.
  • Cable Tie crafting recipe is now categorized under Tools rather than Barricades.
  • Large Slippery Plate now uses the high-tier armor multiplier (originally, low-tier armor). This makes it consistent with other metal barricades and structures.
  • Coalition Beret damage reduction is now 5% (originally, 15%). This fix makes it consistent with the armor values provided by other berets.
  • Birch Hole and Birch Ramp structures now have 450 health (originally, 500). This fix makes their health the same as other types of birch roofs.
  • Pine Hole, Pine Ramp, and Pine Stairs structures now have 550 health (originally, 500). This fix makes their health the same as other types of pine roofs.
  • Metal Ramp structures now have 1300 health (originally, 1100). This fix makes their health the same as other types of metal roofs.
  • Canteens/bottles no longer reference deprecated data properties. This change has no gameplay impact.
  • Typos/punctuation in the following item localization files: Fedora, Mafia Fedora, Tophat, Police Vest, Metal Scrap, Honeybadger, Machete, Military Knife, Shovel, BLT Sandwich (both variants), Bloodbag, Bandage, Birch Spikes, * * * Maple Spikes, Pine Spikes, Caltrop, Barbed Wire, Ornamental Barbed Wire, Barbed Wire Fence, and Ornamental Barbed Wire Fence.
  • Typos in the localization files for Scaffhold objects #1‒3. They have now been renamed to Scaffold.
  • Disable cloth colliders on Kuwait parachute pack because unfortunately the game does not have a way for weapons to ignore them yet.
  • Dango dragon horns glasses layer.

Special thanks to MoltonMontro for the fixes to inconsistent item stats, categorization of various crafting recipes, and copyediting for the localization files.

Multiplayer Movement Improvements:

Movement rubberbanding has been a frustrating problem for a long time in Unturned multiplayer. The issue was that when the server position did not match the client position, the client would get teleported back to the server position to prevent cheating. Many servers would turn this off which then allowed cheaters to noclip and fly. Now after this update when the positions do not match, the client can locally re-simulate inputs that have not been acknowledged by the server yet, sort of rewinding and replaying time, which eliminates the rubberbanding. Servers with custom anti-movement-cheat plugins can disable them now. (not for vehicles yet however)

As part of rewriting movement it was a good opportunity to replace special cases for falling and sliding with actual velocity. This restricts the annoying midair dodging in gunfights, and enables fun velocity-related items like the new bounce charges! (and inevitable rocket-jumping mods too)

Game Server Login Tokens:

Setting a Steam game server login token (GSLT) is now required for listings to be visible on the internet server list. Previously server listings could be spoofed or faked, whereas now a valid Steam account with a GSLT is used to verify the server.

View Official GSLT Documentation Here

Patch #1 Changelog:


  • Clothing respects Bypass_Hash_Verification option.
  • Velocity not updating when flying at high velocity into a wall.