November 19, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


Added structure building. Added new systems to help improve hit detection. Added ability for zombies to trap players.


Improved responsiveness and multiplayer movement to be less jittery. Improved picking up items syncing to hopefully eliminate any cases of wrongful pickup or unable to pickup. Improved car idle sitting animation.


  • Reduced volume of zombie idle audio.


  • Fixed zombies not reacting to shots.
  • Fixed fuel/barricades not getting the same ray direction.
  • Fixed a bug with the hit detection.
  • Fixed zombies playing audio when dieing.
  • Fixed ignition audio when the vehicle is out of fuel.
  • Fixed zombies getting lost when standing near a wall.
  • Fixed axes and fuel cans not being visibily useable.
  • Fixed refilling vehicles that were already full.
  • Fixed zombies having bad barricade attention spans.
  • Fixed a swimming bug.
  • Fixed a region updating issue.
  • Fixed crash when run over car with no driver.
  • Fixed editor selection resetting when searching.