Neutral Sentry

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Neutral Sentry
Sentry 1244.png
Covers an area by automatically peppering threats with gunfire.
Context typeEpic Robotic Turret
Size4 slots (2 × 2)
Buildable typeSentry
Health75 health
Placement range4 meters
Storage10 slots (5 × 2)
DisplayStored item is displayed.
LockedOnly openable by owner.
Sentry modeNeutral
Internal ID: 1244

The Neutral Sentry is a type of robotic turret in Unturned (version 3). It has a 5 × 2 storage space, and will display the first item that was placed into its storage. However, the robotic turret must be powered in order to perform additional functions.

While powered, the robotic turret will scan the area in front of it for perceived threats. When a threat is perceived, the sentry will track it. If the robotic turret has a compatible ranged weapon stored inside of it, then it will also fire upon the threat. Compatible ranged weapons must be able to fire without needing to be aimed first. This limitation makes ranged weapons such as a Compound Bow and the Hell's Fury incompatible with robotic turrets. Additionally, Rocket Launchers will not fire from the robotic turret either.

Robotic turrets have reduced fire rate and accuracy, and an indirect reduction to max firing range. As there is a max detection radius of 48 meters, ranged weapons that would normally be able to shoot targets from a further distance are restricted by the detection radius. A ranged weapon's fire rate is 3.33 times worse than its typical fire rate.

The Neutral Sentry uses the Neutral sentry mode. The sentry will automatically target attacking animals and attacking zombies. Players are targeted only when they are not using the surrender gesture while within the robotic turret's detection radius.


It can be crafted.


Category Inputs Tools Skills Outputs
Utilities Spotlight + Metal Rifle Rack + Rangefinder
Wrench icon wht.png
Skill icon wht.png
Crafting III
Arrow rightwards wht.png
Neutral Sentry