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Modules were created as the first step in opening up Unturned (version 3)'s modding API. Modules can add new features to Unturned itself, act as a total conversion and turn it into a completely different game, or build on other modules to improve functionality.

Third-party modules cannot be loaded with BattlEye enabled.


For security reasons, modules cannot be downloaded from the Steam Workshop, and must instead by downloaded from third-party sites. However, once they are downloaded, they are fairly straightforward to install. All module files go in the ...\Unturned\Modules directory.


RocketMod is a popular server-side module for Unturned, and various updates to the game have expanded on its compatibility. It provides a modular modding framework for game servers that are built on .NET technology. Many Unturned game servers use RocketMod for the additional administrative tools it provides, or for the plugins that can be installed with it to further customize the experience on the server.