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Rules for naming in the content browser.

Asset Naming[edit]

Assets are prefixed with a short acronym for their type to make identification outside of Unreal faster:

Type Prefix Suffix
Animation A_
Animation Blueprint ABP_
Animation Montage AM_
Aim Offset AO_
Blueprint BP_
Data Asset ClassName(DataAsset)_
Material M_ #Material Naming
Material Instance MI_ #Material Naming
Physics Asset PHYS_
Physical Material PM_
Skeletal Mesh SK_
Sound Attenuation ATT_
Sound Cue SQ_
Sound Wave SW_
Static Mesh SM_
Texture T_ #Texture Naming
Widget Blueprint WBP_
  • Asset source files such as .psd or .blend should be suffixed with _Src. For example: SM_Prop_House_1stry_01_Src.blend
  • Mesh LODs are suffixed with _LOD#. For example: SM_Prop_House_1stry_01_LOD0.fbx

Material Naming[edit]

Use Suffix
Decal _D
Particle System _PS
Post Process _PP
User Interface _UI

Texture Naming[edit]

Use Suffix
Base Color _BC
Normal Map _N