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The human survivors are called Denizens, if only in the code (4) to distinguish them from other types of characters and players.


  1. downloading denizen rig + setup (handles material?)
  2. blender -> UE4 script
  3. how to import animations and/or meshes


Type U4 v3 U4 v2 U4 v1 U3
Leg length 75 cm 85 cm 74 cm 75 cm
Arm length 75 cm 85 cm 60 cm 75 cm
Head size 35 cm 30 cm 38 cm 40 cm
Limb size 30 cm 20 cm 23 cm 38 cm
(mesh density)
15 cm (upper)
10 cm (lower)
10 cm 14 cm 19 cm