Military Tracer Magazine

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Military Tracer Magazine
Military Tracer 20 1177.png
Low caliber military grade tracer magazine. Designed to fit 20 rounds.
File nameID
Context typeEpic Magazine Attachment
Size2 slots (1 × 2)
Capacity20 rounds (spawns with 5‒15 rounds)
RefillabilityThis magazine attachment is not refillable.
Caliber 1 ammunition
  • Eaglefire   [ALT]
  • PDW   [ALT]
  • Maplestrike   [ALT]
  • Nightraider   [ALT]
  • Augewehr   [ALT]
  • Fusilaut   [ALT]
  • Swissgewehr   [ALT]
  • Chimera   [C… ALT]
  • Genaugewehr   [C… ALT]
TracerTracer 49 effect
SpreadBullet spread is at 85% of the normal rate.
Delete emptyEmpty magazine attachments are deleted.

The Military Tracer Magazine is a Epic Magazine Attachment in Unturned (version 3).


Military Tracer Magazines have a caliber ID of 1, with a maximum capacity of 20 rounds. It cannot be refilled by any ammunition crate, and once it runs out of ammunition the magazine is deleted.

Regarding official content, it is usable by the Eaglefire, Maplestrike, PDW, Nightraider, Augewehr, Fusilaut, and Swissgewehr. It is also usable by the curated Chimera and Genaugewehr ranged weapons.

It holds slightly less ammunition than the standard Military Magazine, but bullets will have a decreased bullet spread of 15%, and will also illuminate its path very briefly.


The Military Tracer Magazine can rarely spawn at military locations on the PEI, Washington, and Germany maps. In Russia it can only be obtained at ranger locations.