May 20, 2022 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Update Notes



  • Alt hotkey to remove baked foliage with paint brush.
  • Disable" option for sensitivity scaling mode.
  • Terrain material editor filter for only in-use materials.
  • Terrain material and foliage editor name filters.
  • Kick threshold for significantly exceeding per-RPC rate limits.


  • Separated terrain editor brush strength value for each tool.
  • Assetbundle hash is included in asset integrity check.


  • Warn if vendor vehicle spawnpoint is unset.
  • Missing vendor and reward spawnpoint for vehicle uses player position as fallback.
  • Picking up items while climbing.
  • Invalid item conditions on tracked quest breaking UI.
  • Fists use melee damage multiplier.
  • Terrain undo/redo interfering with other undo/redos.

Patch #1:

Sorry to say that there were two embarrasing mistakes made in the initial release of this update:

  • Firstly, the 2020 LTS beta was accidentally set live rather than the actual update. The reason this happened is that my automatic release process was using the newest upload rather than the upload from the preview branch. In order to ensure this never happens again the automatic release will now specifically use the preview branch version rather than the newest version, and a confirmation dialog to double-check.
  • Secondly, players were getting kicked for exceeding rate limits when equipping a kit. This highlighted a flaw in the equipment system from back when integrity checks were first added to equipped items. For the meantime I have increased the equipment rate limits significantly as a temporary workaround, but for the next major update I will properly resolve this flaw. If you experience other incorrect rate limit kicks please let me know and I will get them fixed, and as a temporary measure it is also possible to raise the Rate_Limit_Kick_Threshold in Config.js


Client-invokable RPCs already have rate limits intended to prevent wasting server processing time. There was no penalty for repeatedly hitting these rate limits however, so time could still be wasted ignoring requests. There is now a Rate_Limit_Kick_Threshold option: if the same rate limit is hit this many times within the cooldown window the client will be kicked. For example a value of 5 means the client will be kicked the 5th time it is called within the same cooldown window. The default is 10.

The server checks both individual asset integrity and Unity assetbundle integrity to prevent cheaters from modifying their files to gain an advantage. Previously it was possible to bypass this by loading a different assetbundle on a per-asset basis, for example by adding a legacy ".unity3d" assetbundle to a vanilla vehicle. Individual asset integrity checks now include the assetbundle hash as well which prevents this exploit as long as the multi-platform ".hash" file is available for the server.

Unity 2020 Preview:

Unturned is currently using Unity 2019 LTS. Upgrading to 2020 LTS seems to be stable now and fully backwards compatible with existing content. If you would like to give it a try it is on the "unity-2020" beta branch, though there are still some known issues to fix next week. Assuming there are no unexpected surprises *fingers crossed* it should be in the next update.