May 13, 2022 patch

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Unturned patches April 25, 2022 patch May 13, 2022 patch May 20, 2022 patch

Patch notes

Game version is now


  • "Haven Across" music by staswalle on PEI loading screen.
  • "Focal length sensitivity scaling" to adjust sensitivity according to scope/optic projection ratio.
  • Controls option to use "Legacy" sensitivity scaling from prior to the update.
  • Hole mask brush for cutting holes into terrain.
  • Gun option Requires_NonZero_Attachment_Caliber to disable vanilla attachments.
  • Vehicle and turret passenger Unity events.
  • Modulo NPC math operation and B_Value option as alternative / default for B_ID.
  • Cost_Multiplier option in level asset skill rules.
  • Per-navmesh "infinite agro range" zombie option.
  • Browse Files button in editor maps list.


  • Flashbang briefly flashes a light component upon detonation.
  • Merged "devkit" terrain tools into regular editor.
  • Updated Germany, Hawaii, and Greece hole volumes to new hole masks.
  • Improved foliage responsiveness by spiraling outwards.
  • Updated Freezing mythical to the newer snowflake particles.
  • Separated Melee_Repair_Multiplier from Melee_Damage_Multiplier.
  • Replaced Germany grass materials with greener variants.


  • Map preview image wrong size in singleplayer, editor, and server detail screens.
  • Scope focus foliage option leaking memory with dual render scopes disabled.
  • Prevent skycrane from picking up destroyed vehicles.
  • Black water mask on main menu if logging out while underwater.
  • Props with quest condition not updating when quest is abandoned.
  • Decals are considered "small" in objects list filter.
  • Locked brakes with vehicle physics profile braking model override.
  • Placeholder workaround for carepackage landing misprediction.
  • Re-enable oil on sand material.

Patch #1

  • Fixed dedicated server was not loading out-of-bounds terrain for automatic conversion.
  • Added hint labels for obscure terrain editor hotkeys.

PEI Loading Screen Music:

PEI is the first map to receive loading screen music by staswalle!


Terrain Holes:

Back in 2016 the Unity engine did not have built-in support for cutting the terrain. "Hole volumes" were hacked together as a solution for Unturned, and basically acted as a portal which disabled collision against the terrain. There were a lot of drawbacks to this approach however: for example bullets had to check whether they would pass through a hole before doing collision tests, and each pixel of the terrain shader tested whether its 3D position was inside a hole for transparency (which is why there was a limit on the max number of holes). Nowadays Unity DOES have built-in support for an unlimited number of holes fully integrated with physics, so the custom workarounds can be removed!


Unturned will automatically convert hole volumes on existing maps to the painted hole mask, but there might be some gaps until the level creator manually reviews the changes. Alongside this upgrade any maps using the old terrain tools are automatically converted to the new terrain tools, which have also finally been merged into the regular editor. In order to "dogfood" these changes I manually upgraded Germany, Hawaii, and Greece (which was using the old terrain system), so hopefully that shows I really believe this is an important improvement for the game even if there are some wonky effects on older maps that need manual revision.


Following feedback on the scope zoom and sensitivity fixes in the previous update: we should now have the best of both worlds! A new "Sensitivity Scaling Mode" option has been added to the Controls menu. The default "Focal Length" option is new, and should perfectly adjust the sensitivity according to the perceived size of enemies on screen. I would recommend at least giving it a try, but if you want both the zoom levels and sensitivity to be reverted to how they were before the previous update you can choose the "Legacy" option. Alternatively the "Zoom Level" choice is available which preserves the behaviour of the previous update.

Grass loading (especially with "scope focus foliage" enabled) often felt unresponsive because it started in a grid pattern North-West of the camera. Loading now instead follows a spiral pattern outward from the camera, so the closest foliage is loaded first.

In sadder news I am sorry to say that Unturned II (4.0) development has been paused. This post summarizes some relevant factors from my personal life, and how Unturned (3.0) will be affected going forward:

Read "Unturned II Development Paused" Blog Post