March 26, 2021 patch

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Small Update



  • Higher quality replacements for all of the original footstep sounds.


  • Server replaces steam_appid.txt before initializing Steam.


  • Disable weather if duration is set to zero.
  • Weather hash kick if weather changed during request.
  • Snowmobile wheels in Russia tank factory.
  • Elver radio backpack light position.

Footstep Sounds:

Most of the original footstep sounds were amateur recordings of me jumping around the neighborhood. There was not much variety and the quality was dubious, so they have all now been replaced by professional recordings. One of the noticeable areas of improvement is walking in and out of the ocean: what was previously only two clips is now separated into four depths with numerous clips each.

Netcode Preview:

The work-in-progress gameplay netcode rewrites went up on the preview branch last week. At this point all of the client->server code has been upgraded, and most of the server->client code. It should be stable for release in a week or two. Highly recommended for plugin developers to take a look. Read more details here.