March 11, 2022 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Update Notes



  • In-game option to sort player list alphabetically or by group.
  • Transition fog near edge of maximum render distance.
  • New clouds and aurora borealis rendered in skybox.


  • Added more trashbags to the fall-cushioning blue trashbag areas under the Seattle, Washington crane, and adjusted their positioning. The changes to mid-air strafing made these more difficult to land on, and they could be difficult to see from atop the crane while in first-person. These changes make the landing easier to see and achieve.
  • Adjusted the car parkour at Rainbridge Island, Washington to be more forgiving. The changes to mid-air strafing made it more difficult to traverse. It should now be easier to climb down without breaking bones, and easier to climb up without getting stuck.
  • Added wild animal spawns in the wilderness near Chersky Farm, Russia.
  • Added item spawns to the upper floor of the Kivgrad Harbor, Russia office building.
  • Added item spawns to the interior rooms (and outdoor picnic table) of the ship docked at Kivgrad Harbor, Russia.
  • Tweaked the Industrial Generator from Rare Rarity to Epic Rarity.
  • Renamed the Umbrella (barricade) items from "Umbrella" to "Patio Umbrella".
  • Renamed the Flare (barricade) items from "Flare" to "Flare Sconce".
  • Updated the item descriptions of the Golf Club and Wreath.
  • Updated localization of the legacy editor's transformation tools for accuracy and consistency.
  • Updated localization of various console commands for typos, correctness, and missing localization.


  • Explosion armor value while naked.
  • Planting seeds on ghillie netting.
  • Overriding material IsArable / HasOil.
  • See-through underside of debris clipping into the unfinished building in Seattle, Washington.
  • Bad clipping and misalignment with objects around Kivgrad Harbor, Russia.
  • Misaligned objects at the Keryev, Russia factory building.
  • Railway track at the factory building in Keryev, Russia that briefly travelled beneath the floor.
  • Floating railway bridge in Germany.
  • Spot where players could rarely get stuck atop a crate at Shelton Farm, PEI.
  • Floating or misaligned objects in Stratford, PEI.
  • Floating snow around the Yukon road tunnel.
  • Bugged zombie spawn point in the Ibex Valley, Yukon where the zombie would immediately fall through the world once alerted.
  • Usage of various deprecated item properties.
  • Skybox tree backface depth pass on forward rendering.
  • Not returning attached effects to pool after parent was deactivated.

Special thanks to MoltonMontro for the localization improvements, map changes, and bug fixes!

Known issue: with TAA there are some visual artifacts between the fog and skybox.

Draw Distance:

The "draw distance" setting affects which nearby entities are visible. Separately, the "far clip plane" is the absolute maximum draw distance for everything including terrain, water, clouds, etc. Prior to this update the clouds and aurora borealis were drawn as 3D meshes, and similarly prior to the previous update ( the stars, sun, and moon were also drawn as 3D meshes. This meant the far clip plane distance had to be long enough to cover essentially the atmosphere, but as a benefit the entire terrain was visible at ultra settings. Now that the sun, moon, stars, etc are rendered in the skybox the far clip plane has been reduced to 1,024 meters which means the entire terrain is no longer visible at once, but has quite a few upsides:

  • Culling is one of the main CPU bottlenecks, and takes less time thanks to the early rejection.
  • On first impression the old mesh clouds were often mistaken for flying boulders. The new clouds are a bit flat, but look less like rocks, and might be upgraded to 3D/volume textures in the future.
  • Skybox reflections on metallic objects include clouds, stars, moon, etc.
  • Sky transition fog makes the level feel bigger because it cannot all be seen at once, and is visually impressive / fun / colorful on many maps.
  • Improved depth precision within the actual level reduces Z-fighting.
  • The improved depth precision should allow a future update to merge the first person and third person models, which will make lighting and animations more consistent between both.

Patch #1:


  • Cloud ambient lighting flash while rendering item thumbnails.
  • Lowered airdrop plane height from so they are less obscured by the reduced draw distance.