June 14, 2019 Patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Attached items contribute to parent item interactable collision.
  • Added dismiss-all-popups hotkey.
  • Fixed thumbnail bounds of items with a vertical aspect ratio like magazine.
  • Corrected nearby inventory to use physical location.
  • Adjusted large scope collision to include mounting point.
  • Improved navigation between code lock digit fields.
  • Added radial layout and padding for weapon tactical view.
  • Support for duplicate 1st / 3rd person weapon widgets so that 3rd person tactical view lines up properly.
  • Improved free-look and support free-look while in some menus like weapon tactical view.
  • Added sub-anim-instance-blueprints for weapon animations allowing nicer blending of item animations and hand IK for weapons.
  • Introduced recoil patterns and recoil control.
  • Items can be resized by their attachments.
  • Attached items list their parent hierarchy in the details panel.
  • Parent items like their child hierarchy in the details panel.
  • Separated item transfer input from output which allows clients to send a destination to the server and then a transfer or split stack command. This allows all containers to support the quantity popup easily.
  • Inventory controller now tests for item ownership.
  • Thumbnails can opt-out of child observer spawning.
  • Slot titles now override attachable tag titles so that Handguard has names for top/bottom/left/right.
  • Reduced delay between changing stack size and receiving update.
  • Added small 5.56 magazine.
  • Added detach and attach animations and blending of the two for reload animations.
  • Focus is restored to the button that opens a popup when finished.

Undocumented changes

  • The counter behind the two safes now has two 5.56x45mm Short Magazines spawn on top of it.
  • Changed the Unnamed Item to be called "Barrel".
  • Fixed the barrel item's icon to be horizontal.
  • Added unique names for all attachment hooks.
  • Tweaked the Eaglefire model to have a trigger and trigger guard.
  • Implemented reloading animations.
  • Weapon attachments contribute to the firearm's physics.
  • Items can spawn rotated and precisely oriented.