July 7, 2022 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Update Notes


  • Housing Planner tool for quickly placing structures. [ID 1764]
  • Notification on main menu when an update is available.
  • Server option to shutdown for auto-detected game updates. (Finally, eh?)
  • Server option to shutdown for scheduled maintenance at a fixed time.
  • Grow_SpawnTable (guid) option for crops.
  • Copy to Clipboard button for error message.
  • Option to make terrain holes visible for finding gaps.
  • Terrain material icon in asset list.


  • Housing item placement is easier now that connections between then are tracked.
  • Roof placement requires two pillars rather than a pillar at each corner.
  • Shooting/attacking stops client-side if no inbound traffic has been received for 2 seconds.
  • Updated barricade placement on vehicle to use netids rather than index.
  • Temporarily buffed brick-material housing items from 800 to 1650 HP.


  • Many exploits for stacking housing items in the same slot.
  • Explosion damage respects zombie armor.
  • Terrain editor per-"pixel" smoothing mode near edges.
  • Whitespace-only player names with name filter disabled.
  • Reverted post processing version to work around TAA transparent field of view bug.
  • Some terrain hole gaps on Germany.
  • Wrong material on circular table barricade LOD1.

Housing Planner:


The Housing Planner lets you quickly place housing items without waiting for animations, and pick them back up much faster. It can crafted from a GPS and Rangefinder, or found as an uncommon drop at construction sites.

There are a variety of housing-related rewrites in this update which are part of a first step towards better base building. Future work in this area will include building downward, claim flags automatically covering the entire connected house, replacing the crafting system, and more!

Server Auto Restart:

Two features have been added to the server Config.json file in this update to make server maintenance without plugins easier:

Scheduled Maintenance:

Restarting approximately once per 24 hours is recommended for the meantime because most of the older code still uses 32-bit floating point time. While this is gradually being improved an option to schedule shutdown has been added.

Enable_Scheduled_Shutdown: if true the server will shutdown at the specified time.

Scheduled_Shutdown_Time: local time the server will shutdown.

Scheduled_Shutdown_Warnings: list of times before the shutdown to notify players. For example 30:00 will broadcast in chat 30 minutes before the shutdown.

Checking for Updates:

Finally! The server can monitor for updates and restart when one is detected.

Enable_Update_Shutdown: if true the server will monitor for updates.

Update_Steam_Beta_Name: defaults to "public", but can be set to "preview" for servers running on the preview branch.

Update_Shutdown_Warnings: after an update is detected the server will wait for the longest of these durations to notify players before shutdown. For example if the longest time is 2:30 the server will broadcast in chat 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the shutdown.

Practical Application:

These options are most useful in conjunction with a script that updates and restarts the server in a loop. For example this Windows .bat script can be placed in the steamcmd folder to infinitely update and restart the server:

@echo off rem @ suppresses echo command from being echoed, and then disables echoing in this script.

rem This is a label for use with "goto". The script will return to this label to update and restart the server.


rem %~dp0 expands to the path to this script's directory, allowing it to be called from a different working directory. rem The "/wait" option pauses our script until steamcmd is finished. rem Start steamcmd, download latest version of Unturned Dedicated Server, then close cleanly. echo Updating... start "" /wait "%~dp0steamcmd.exe" +login anonymous +app_update 1110390 +quit

echo Finished update! Launching server... start "" /wait "%~dp0steamapps\common\U3DS\Unturned.exe" -batchmode -nographics +InternetServer/MyServer

echo Server has exited. Restarting after timeout... echo: echo Press CTRL+C and then Y during this timeout to cancel restart. timeout 10

rem Return to the "loop" label to update and restart the server. goto loop

Windows 32-bit Deprecation:

This will be one of the last updates with 32-bit Windows support. According to the Steam hardware survey 32-bit Windows is approximately 0.22% of players. The final update with 32-bit Windows support will be sometime in early August, and will also remain permanently available on a Steam beta branch for anyone returning to the game on a 32-bit PC.