July 19, 2019 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Unturned II now has a Release Override "Beta Testing" Package implemented that allows people to gain access to the game based on the number of hours they have in Unturned.
  • Added a CQC map.
  • Interacting with a live player now grants access to their inventory.
  • Corpse and death totem despawn timers are paused while interacting with a dead player's inventory.
  • Added Jeans, T-Shirts, Gloves, and a Test Backpack.
  • "Holstered items" is a new system that shows items in the player's inventory on their clothing, and prioritizes showing important items to make visible.
  • Improved clothing creation tools. It is now easier to create manually weight-painted, weight-transferred, or rigid-attached clothes.
  • Made revisions to the client item command queue, such as allowing the replacement of attachments between a player's inventory and an attachment slot, or swapping through a weapon slot.
  • Adapted the game to use replication graph features to better support higher player counts.
  • Added bullet holes that use baked normal-mapped decals. The decal differs depending on the surface type (e.g., wood, metal, concrete).
  • Holographic optics spawn with a random color.
  • Items now have "cheat nicknames" registered with the asset manager so that they can be spawned by name without loading all the items.
  • Further optimized the game.

Undocumented changes

  • Added doors, which can be interacted with on the CQC map.
  • Added various keys tied to specific sets of doors on the CQC map.
  • Added new objects to the game for use in maps, such as gun crate storage and JSPR oil barrels.