January 29, 2021 patch

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Regular Update


  • Item icon anti-aliasing graphics option.
  • Use_Auto_Icon_Measurements per-item asset boolean setting.
  • Override_Vertical_Field_Of_View setting in preferences file.
  • Support for bulk replacing objects in the level editor.


  • Names containing newlines are now kicked regardless of whether name filter is enabled.
  • Consolidated several duplicate audio clips.


  • Save after subscribing to fix re-subscribing after startup crash.
  • Exception using secondary attack on same input that primary attack destroyed the item.
  • Gap between rock and terrain in the Washington map SE corner.
  • Blowtorch and bow item icon bounds.
  • Short section of Hawaii cave missing darkness.
  • Floating fern near Unyielding HQ on Hawaii.
  • Warning when blueprints had the same inputs/outputs but different tools.
  • Metal garage placement not using metal sound.
  • Opening boombox song URL. (broke during UI update whoops)
  • Projectile launcher magazine modifiers not applying when magazine was deleted.
  • Potential cause of respawning at vehicle when entering on the same frame.