January 22, 2021 patch

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Regular Update

Update Notes:[edit]


  • Min/max filter to flatten landscape tool.
  • Collision teleporter component and devkit volume for an upcoming map update.


  • Separated kick message for exceeding server ping limit.
  • Player capsule contributes to short vehicle (e.g. bike, quad, jetski, etc) collision.
  • Disabled bed placement on trains because they could be extended off the sides into tunnel walls using plates.
  • Automatically calculate axis aligned item icon camera size from bounds. This also means attachments are included in the icon.

Gameplay Bugs Fixed:

  • Cancel crouch/prone input while swimming.
  • Moved Yukon terrain underneath ice closer to the surface.
  • Exception when mod replaced zombie clothing with a non-clothing item.
  • Changing from rest stance to prone.
  • Aiming interrupted by inspect confirmation.
  • Empty nailgun ammo and paintball hoppers not being deleted.
  • Double-clicking complete quest button causing local misprediction.
  • Re-opening workshop subscriptions list.
  • Treat access denied workshop items as private visibility.

Minor Issues Fixed:

  • APC headlights missing emission.
  • Sandpiper and Otter using LOD1 wing for LOD0.
  • Adjusted alicepack to reduce z-fighting with vest.
  • Metal gate placement not using metal sound.
  • Corrected tunnel roads at edge of Washington and Yukon maps.
  • Missing faces at arm tips of aviator glasses.
  • Mirror clothing models on left-handed characters to avoid issues with animated items.
  • Propeller blades spinning without vehicle battery.
  • Zero width vertical tail fin on airliner prop.
  • Enabled movement collision on boombox item.