January 1, 2021 patch

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  • Profanity filter matches leetspeak replacements.
  • Banned workshop files are shown with red name.
  • Steam inventory page buttons loop around.
  • Server rejects building on constrained vehicles. (e.g. hooked by skycrane)
  • Increased gesture menu spacing to accommodate longer non-English strings.
  • BattlEye disabled warning opens the BattlEye directory on Windows.


  • Entering vehicle while unable to stand up from crouch/prone.
  • Devkit cursor IMGUI implementation.
  • Item alert exception after regular text alert.
  • Off-by-one error loading empty character name.
  • In-game group overlay cleanup exception.
  • Browser request exception after re-joining server.
  • Server groups exception when received before UI after re-joining server.
  • Dishwasher intersecting wall at a Yukon campsite.
  • Navmesh gap between lights and Germany barracks.
  • Taking a point of radiation damage after respawning from deadzone.
  • Editing signs that have been destroyed while typing.
  • Mannequin hat hair color matches body color.
  • Stay crouched while resting with hold crouch mode, and next press exits rest.